Uni 12 is Born WARNING: Explicit Photos

From my blog

Warning: If you haven’t been present at the birth of a unicycle you should consider looking away :slight_smile:

I’m proud to announce that at 5.03 pm today Baby 12 as born!

GUni 36′er had been acting unusually lately, not as keen to go out on rides. I thought nothing of it as I’d always assumed GUni was just a lazy guy like me, turns out GUni is a gal. Go figure!

With the coffee machine turned on and camera at the ready the onset of labour began

It was a potentially difficult birth.

Fortunately Dr Wii was on hand to assist, deliver the news and weigh Baby 12, a bouncing 12" learner uni.

Low pressure gave everyone a scare. It turned out to be a faulty tire pump.

GUni and Baby 12 resting.

Members of the family visit.

Getting some fresh air.

Close your eyes if you haven’t attended a birth, you really don’t want to see this next image.

Many thanks to my wife who was out at the time of the birth, allowing the use of blankets, pillows and general misbehaviour :slight_smile:

great story and pics!! :smiley:

I apologise for asking this on a public forum, I should probably use PMs: but there’s been no mention of the father…?
I hope that it’s not a scandalous or sad story…

Mike I have to be honest here and admit I have ridden GUni, but I am not the father.

I do have my suspicions though, in no particular order:

  • Keanu Reeves - a glitch in the Matrix
  • The Fedex guy - he always looks guilty of something
  • Immaculate conception - so many guys uni for the lord, I’m thinking he digs uni

( No offence intended to any of the above! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Awww, isn’t she cute! Looks like a sweet little bundle of joy, but I bet she’ll be a handful when she grows up.

It reminds me of the delivery of my little N36 a couple of years ago;



That uni “birth” looks oddly familiar. I just know I’ve seen that before…but where? :roll_eyes:

lol Terry, whatever. So I guess you are the father? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pete, take care as you never know at what stage these genetic experiments will go wrong. As uni 12 grows, signs of the parents could come out (I’ve seen The Incredibles so I know what I’m talking about).
Whatever you do, don’t leave her unattended near a video camera!

Oh I hate those shots with the umbilical still attached.


Great story and pictures. Cute little baby your GUni gave birth to. Can you tell us whether little 12 is a male or female?

I wish that my 20" KH would grow up to a 36" soon and give birth to a little KH 12"

EDIT: If my KH is a girl, that is.