UNHUMAN Clothing- looking for a rider

Hey guys, im sorry if my first post here is rather “spammy” but im just trying to get my company name out there, especially to unicyclists since my respect for you guys is absolutely through the roof…

I was actually a member here about 4 years ago. got into unicycling as just a side project but my torker lx broke when i jumped off a ledge. (cranks broke off the hub :-() and i havent had the money or time to get back into it.

But anyways… I have just launched my clothing line that i have been planning for years now. Took alot of hard work and dedication to finally get it up and running.

When you check out the company website youll see that my main target market is extreme sport athletes. i, being one myself, know how much dedication and pain it takes to do and train for your sport. i personally cant uni well. i can probably still do a 180 unispin, but thats about it, haha.

But what i came here for isnt just to promote my company, but to get a well respected uni rider to ride for my company. all it will be is a product sponsorship… youll get all the latest shirts and products whenever new stuff is released. id appreciate it if you wear the stuff in videos, pics, etc. although all i have right now (company was launched last week) is a basic logo t shirt, and youll get some stickers as well.

so, if your interested, check out the website, add me on facebook, and send me an email with a little bio and some pics and vids.


thank you guys.

also on a side note, does xavier collos still ride? i hope to dear god he does…

Wow, T-shirts! Or should I say A T-shirt. Way to launch a clothing line for us extreme T-shirt wearers! :slight_smile:

although all i have right now (company was launched last week) is a basic logo t shirt


like i was saying…

I am down for this…

:astonished: Team Dirty Needlez sponsor!! yea? yea?

btw where abouts r u based?

If it was UNIhuman clothing… :wink:

I’m definitely interested. I’ll send some information and videos :wink:

Bummer. Hopefully he’ll find someone who is up for this. :wink:

Clothes are sooooo 2009.

Real unhumans don’t wear clothes. I’m just sayin.

Yeah, unhuman clothing sounds like something I’d buy a pomeranian to keep it warm while I push it down the street in a pram.


I’m keen I’ll send a bio and youtube link later on

I really don’t want to be harsh, but:

-unhuman is not a good brand name in my book. It makes me think about child labor, slavery and such…

-a not so great brand name might be okay if the design and the logo look really great

-the logo looks bad, though, and there is no design worth talking about, just a black cotton t-shirt with an ugly looking logo.

-if you’re going to launch a whole line of gear you might as well start out with something that is actually looking good… or otherwise something very functional (quick drying, super breathable material, or whatever other qualities are desirable for actual athletic riding gear)

-with this particular product I’d be surprised if you actually sold a single one of them successfully. I wouldn’t want one even if I got money for wearing it.

-before offering any sponsorships you should actually have some decent products to offer.

Once again I’m sorry about that much criticism but this is just my opinion about it.

+1 (and thanks munirocks, because I didn’t want to type all that)

Too late to edit, but I realized this was really not nice of me at all. But what I really wanted to say is that IMHO you have a lot more work to do before launching that line of products. Cheers.

whats the point? Is there anything special about this line of clothing? Is it lighter than normal shirts? Is it more durable? Is there any reason to wear it while doing a sport, when another shirt could be just as good or better? Is it cheaper than other shirts? If you don’t have any good reasons for people to buy it, then you won’t make a profit.

If you can anwsers 2,3, and 4 then you may have something here.

I am all over the idea of wicking, breathable material that doesn’t pass the sweat and retain all the stink! I have a few shirts like that.

Sorry for the annoying post above, it’s more about all the previous folks who have put up web sites with nothing on them (yet) and advertised them for us all to take a look. How about when there’s something there?

I thought irony sold?

I sincerely hope Earl (OP) isn’t turned off by any of the remarks in this thread, so I’ll give him a spring-loaded boost.

Perhaps you are thinking of inhuman. Unhuman probably should not have those connotations, though if you see the connection than from a marketing perspective I could see your point.

It actually has a Misfits look to it. Legitimately horror/punk. Maybe that’s not what sells Puma’s today but it is a style.

I think that like other labours of love, this rider owned enterprise has to potential to encourage a sense of community which can keep misguided youth off the streets and up in the air! So while I wouldn’t be interested in any t-shirt for it’s own sake, I would wear one if I felt the people who produced it had a philosophy I wished to promote and support. Also I think there could be a lot of funny conversations starters that come from a shirt that says UNHUMAN, all while maintaining a level above that of a standard novelty shirt.