Unexperienced mounter observation...

Whenever I run into some other kids around my age, they always want to ride my unicycle. Whenever they try to mount it, even when holding on to something, they always put their foot on the highest pedal first, rather than the lowest pedal, which would be A LOT easier. I don’t get why they think it would be easir to do that then a normal mount… they can barely even touch the pedal when they do it that way. Eh?

its because their thinkin byke…

I don’t know about where you guys live, but around here about half the people (non-unicyclists) try to freemount the uni straight away.


For most people I don’t think unicycling is counter-intuative. Its not intuative at all, its completely foreign.

Your observations are right on. Many lean the uni sideways trying to straddle and mount like a bike and even if they use a support they amost always go for the forward pedal.

Usually when someone asks to try I will give them some tips and try to help. Find a good area and demonstrate the proper mount for them, talking through the important parts. Then let them try reminding them to mount with the rear or low pedal.

If you help them ,stand beside them, not in front. I still have three pedal marks in my right shin from a mometary lapse of judgement when I stood in front of a newbie. The mount was abandoned and the uni shot right at me and you know where the flesh-seeking pedal went.

Re: Unexperienced mounter observation…

Even while it is not proper freemounting technique, I will advise
someone who just tries for one time to initially lean on one pedal,
keeping it at it’s lowest position, at least until they sit in the

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