Unexpected Turns

I’m beginning to think the way I sit on the seat affects which way I ride. Frequently I’ll start to veer left, and have a harder time turning right. It seems to me you have to be careful to place your feet consistently as well. Often it feels like my body is somewhat turned even when I’m riding straight. Does anyone have an opinion on whether uneven sit bones or uneven leg length could be causing me problems?

are you riding on a cambered road? This is usually the cause of that feeling. Other possibilities are that the wheel is out of true, a crank could be bent, the seat could be misaligned, etc. Most likely the surface that you’re riding on is slanted and throwing you off a bit. Some carpet can also be really bad for that because it has a grain in one direction.

I had that problem after I started riding a 36er. I think my muscles hadn’t caught up with the extra weight yet. It went away after a while. I found it helpful to learn to ride with both hands on the seat handle since it forces you to sit straight.

I’ve seen other people complain of this too. Here’s a thread with some good information in it:

The choice of tyre and tyre pressure can make quite a difference, too. The camber of the local cyclepath makes my Muni virtually unrideable when it’s fitted with a Gazaloddi at 28psi, but I barely notice the camber with a Big Apple at 60psi. The Coker (with the standard Coker tyre) doesn’t struggle too much with the camber at 50psi, but is hopeless at 30psi.