Uneven Pedaling on 29er


I am a newbie riding on a Sun unicycle 29er. Whenever I complete one full cycle, I hit a “bump” in my pedaling.

Essentially, I couldn’t get even pedaling.

Any advice? Thanks.

Welcome DQ314!

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by a bump in your pedaling. Do you mean the wheel stops turning?

Does the wheel and pedals rotate freely when not riding? Maybe a bad wheel bearing or pedal bearing??

What kind of surface are you riding on? Normally a hard flat paved surface is easier to ride on then gravel or grass.

Yes, the question leads to more questions. Do you think this bump is in the unicycle, or in your body/pedaling? Pick up the uni and spin the wheel to see if you feel or hear anything happening as the wheel rotates, and if it’s always in the same spot. Also, when you feel this “bump” are the pedals always in the same position?

I would check your pedals, cranks and bearing end caps to make sure nothing is loose.