Unequal engagement.....

I have noticed unequal engagement of the cranks on Suzu hub.
I was adviced to bang it with the hammer through the piece of wood.It did not work.The cranks are definitely the some make.The difference is some 3-4 mm.The nut stiks out a bit.
Any kind advice please.:slight_smile:

It is probably the cranks, not the hub. The Suzue hub is a really good hub despite its low price, and is available from a wide variety of suppliers. Cranks, however, unless they are expensive, tend to be erratic. Simply change out your cranks. It’s not worth losing the wheel to save a set of cheap cranks.

However, banging the cranks on with a hammer is not a good way to do it. It is dangerous to the hub, inconsistent, and cannot be calibrated. Grease the tapers and draw the cranks on with a torque wrench set to 40 ft-lbs. Your LBS can do this for you if necessary.

Swapping the cranks over would test to if it is the hub or the cranks that is in error.

I’m with U-turn, new cranks are a lot cheaper than a new hub.


Thanks a lot 4 the advice!

Thaks a lot 4 the advice gents.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: