Uneed Films Presents "Begging for More"

Awesome job Sam, the editing came out great. You were right about my camera flashes, they are pretty intense haha.

Its funny that so many people are so surprised by your riding in this video. Maybe its just because I ride with you quite a bit but I’ve totally come to expect this level of riding from you and wasn’t quite to surprised at that aspect.

Its because Sam is the kind of rider that makes vids of tricks that look good and are fun to watch. Not nessesarily new tricks.

Atleast me thinks.

Your videos are always awesome!
One of my favourite videos :smiley:

You fixed up the video to be really nice. The tricks were awesome, and the editing was flawless as usual. I’m surprised no one’s making a big deal out of that 3 block crankflip… Looked massive.

Okay. this is my new favorite unicycling video. This is so awesome. The flat is sick, the street is clean. The editing was also great.

The time you fell on the 180 flip down the 5 you turned toward your blind direction:p *I think

Thanks guys. I cant wait to get to film with some more riders.:smiley:

It wont last forever. :roll_eyes:

I think what Isaac said explains this. Youve got a front row seat for all the craziness.

Yea hes awesome… hes not afraid to get right into some dangerous spots.

This confused me, then it made sense, and now I am confused again. I think I agree with you, that I try and get footage of the tricks that I know will work for the shot/video/song. I also dont know to many more “tough” tricks than in this vid. Tho there are a few new (to me) tricks that will be in my next vid. and I would always rather do something I can roll out of smooth, style counts.

Can’t wait… good times will be had. Id better start saving up for tapes.:stuck_out_tongue:

yea, I had to set the camera up much further away than I usually do, which def means it was pretty big… also as you get a fisheye lens further away from what its looking at the small the object is. With that said, the tough part about the 3 block, was lack of a run up, and having to start in the grass, against a fence.


Yea I was spinning the other way… and I was right foot forward. I might have been trying something else.:o Honestly bailing like that makes no sense… the kids face in the back is priceless.

Brenden (Beeper) will know what I’m talking about.

Wow that looks like some really awesome street riding. Just what a street vid should look like.

Congrats on your first handrail!
Is it something you plan on doing more of?

Favourite clips were the rolling wrap through the lights, and the smallflip off the ledge.

Just watched it again while I was writing this and the double set line was nice and flowy too.

It is also nice to see that your cranks seem to be holding up quite nicely!

this vid is so sick! i love the editing and colors in the different shots! the riding was sick to…the varial flip off the ledge was sick…enjoyable video!

The 180 flip down the 5 inspired me. I need to ride more.

That vid rocks ! :slight_smile:

You have gotten so much better since NAUCC!

Favorite bits were the 180 flip down the 5 set(caught me by surprise!), tre down the 3, and varialflip down the drop. I liked some of the effects you used with the colors.

such a good video sam. so much fun to watch. are those drilled moments? they look amazing. and same with the pedals! i was thinking of getting one green and one orange, but green and purple looks sweet. loved the varial flip and the crankflip down the massive 3! and everything else too! :smiley: nice work

freakin sweeeeeeeet man. loved it, hopefully will see u at NAUCC. I will be there 4 sure. your videos/ideas/creativity is sick. keep up the good work and take it to the next level with the films. everyones loving it.

You know it. Bigger and badder very soon. Only reason it took this long is that I used to be a right foot forward, right side grinder. As I was working my way up to hand rails I sprained my ankle on a big park rail, and after healing I switched to left footed. Now I am ready to play.:wink:

Jon… your swell.

Got to be one of the best looking tricks.

I could have guessed. :wink:

Yup, thanks.

I will be there. I say this while I am pretty broke… so I am not sure of how it will all come together… but I will be there.

Everybody loves Sam!!

The vid was super amazing (as always with you). I loved how everything was green in the beginning and the 180 flip down the 5 and the color-changing lights and your smooth style and how the music and riding and vid mesh so well and…well, you know, EVERYTHING!

And you’ll make it to NAUCC even if we need to start a “get Sam to Minneapolis” fund. :wink:

Or if I have to unicycle there. :wink:

That movie was brilliant … the green pedals/sleeves in the opening hooked me.
5 Stars