Uneed Films Presents "Begging for More"

Video time,

I’ve been working on this one for a while now… Came out good for a “winter video”.

I am pretty happy with the trick list in this one, tho my flatland is a bit rough. I was gonna replace the sketchy flat line in the middle of this one, but my foot is kinda hurt up.

Youtube Watch in HD. The non HD conversion is pathetic.

Let me know what you think.

-Sam Haber

nice vid man.

liked the part when you went through the different colored lights. also liked the black frame you put around the vid in post, it gave it almost a picture sort of look. Looked sick.

Overall great vid.


your riding is progressing fast, sick stuff.
good beats too, all around fun for the whole family i must say

Yet again another masterpiece, I already said that on facebook but I’ll say it again here.

Excellent video. Enjoyed the riding and skills. The filming was great and kept me entertained. Well done !!

hm, sweet, i’ve been waiting for this vid for a while…

i hate you Sam, because this video is so great! :slight_smile:
i also hate the track you used for music, but who cares, it goes perfectly with the footage, so i forgot it
gotta keep this short, because i just downloaded a vid i have to watch once again :slight_smile:

keep up the good work!

great vid!! i liked the static camera and the flow of your riding…

Finally you try some harder street!!! was wicked man. I’ve only seen you trey and 180flip on flat so seeing them down sets was like WAA? Never seen you varial flip, nice drop. Handrail… Flat was lookin smooth.

Nothing bad to say.


I loved it. You’re style is crazy. 180 Flip down the set was sick. Keep it Up man I love your videos:)

Loved it. Nice to see some stuff down sets! 180 flip down the 5 set was sick!

Thanks everyone.

Me too, now I can get back to work… well… I guess I just wont have an excuse for slacking off.

I hear ya. Not sure if its cause I a grew a pair… or the fact there is actually street around to ride.
Truth is, in Boston, alot of the spots I go to ride there will be a skaters or bikers around, and well I gotta rep our sport ;).

Also, I would like to add a special thanks to the homeless guy that watched my camera, cheered me on, and showed me love for the Treyflip shot.

WOW! That was sooooo smooth!

Amazing! I can’t think of anything bad to say about it!

Nice one!

Music went perfect with the vid, the editing was very good, riding was very nice.

that was great
i love your style and the editing, great music choice.
everything was perfect.

keep it up!

i love the color correction you did throughout the whole video. and yeah you are getting better fast…

what method did you use to export?

Again, thanks everyone.

I use Compressor to export from FCP, H.264, restrict to about 6,000 kbs (I think) prolly could have gotten away with 3,500. Which would have made for a faster compression as well as a much smaller file. I have let some run as high as 10,000, but that is overkill.
It took almost 5 hours for the 4 minute video to compress. And the sound is messed up. :angry:

I am blaming the sound issue on FCP and not compressor. If it is what I think happened, it is a glitch in FCP. I am pretty pissed about it, and will prolly replace the vimeo video sometime within the week. Youtube will stay like that for life.

Wow. Awesome video. Has to be my favourite video of yours.

It was funny seeing Brian O. taking photos of you. I’d love to see how those turned out.

Great video! :slight_smile:


Really great.

I was missing the purple pedal, but then it came back, so I was happy. :slight_smile:

Nice :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: