what underwear should you wear to prevent injuries , scratches and balls
of course

Try silk underwear. I dont think about that becouse i know i should harden myself and i dont have any injuries, my seats out of my legs and sight of my balls.

Get a pair of bike shorts and wear them underneath your regular clothes.

that way you wont get chaffed,and it pulls your stuff up and keeps it together.

For long rides, I suggest bike shorts, or at least spandex. But when you’re just doing either freestyle, or trials, or something, then I bet most anything will work.

I knew this thread would appear someday:

I personally prefer bikeing shorts on longer rides, they prevent caffing and lessen the chance of a nutbuster on a UPD. On shorter rides, I would reccomend you whear something that doesn’t buch up, and is still comfortable… longer boxers are a no-no in my opinion…

Padded bike shorts are the way to go. While we’re on the topic of covering your bottom half, does anyone have any favorite pants that can handle the rubbing? I’m finding that all my pants are getting worn down on the inner thighs. I’m thinking I’ll start wearing an old pair of baggy “cycling shorts” over my pants to avoid buying new pants every month.

I bought some black Adidas thin sweatpants that are all cotton-like material. The are flexible, soft, not too hot ever, and not too cold ever, and they are relativeley cheap and durable.

You might want to check some out.

Padded bike shorts are best. They hold everything in place so that all the sudden movements don’t whiplash all your goods around. I usually just wear the padded bike shorts with typical gym shorts over that. You do not want to have any underwear under your bike shorts, unless you really like the wedgies.

I have 661 bomber bike shorts that I wear occasionaly. But mostly just when doing DH muni.

I go commando and usually wear cut-off jeans. Never had a problem… life is good… boys are happy.


Something I neither wanted to know or picture… but I guess…

I wear crash pads for downhill muni stuff. They’re similar to the 661 bomber shorts (the newer ones are a black stretch material; somewhat like under armor shirts):


Another similar model:


I would highly recommend something like this if there’s any chance of a tailbone hit. Offroad in Arizona can be very gravely downhill–I’ve slipped and smashed my ass more than a few times without any effect.

I wear Under Armour boxer briefs beneath the crash pads, for sweat wicking and comfort. These should be at your sporting goods store. Online at:


hey. I’ve gone through my share of shorts and pants as well. I find that nylon pants or shorts with very tight/small/smooth stitching last the longest. I avoid cotton.

I think the other thing to think about is how smooth your seat is. I had a nylon roach seat cover that was pretty rough and seemed to eat my shorts. Also a crappy KH where the cover was ripping right where it touches my thighs…you know how it happens.