Underwater unicycling!

Check it out. My first time.

Should we start calling you David then?



hehe, don’t worry, I was going to spill after the first reply. Fun joke, though. Btw are you a living library? How’d you know?


how about Underwater unicycle hockey

Nice try, but most unicyclist connected to the internet have probably seen that photo.

My brothers tried that once, except in a swimming pool.

Unicycling.org was the first unicycling site I found back a few years ago when I started riding. It doesn’t seem to have changed much since then. :slight_smile: I’d love to see an updated list.


Same here, I read that list before I could ride a unicycle! Same here again, it would be really great to see a updated list of what else has been done.

i was like, wait ive seen that before, then i new once i saw andrews link

i thried but you have to fiill up the frame with water and deflate airseat and tire to get it to work

Bet you could do some amazing tricks underwater.

i uni in my pool all the time i learned how to do doulble backflips
but my mom wont let me with my spike pedals cause they rip the liner

dousnt it like destroy the uni tho?

once my friends pool opens up im gonna ride my lil bros jugglebug off the diving board.
its getting too small for him anyway

the one before this was my 101st post
anbd probably my 50th post today. im sick so theres nothing to do but make posts like this

Somebody has to know. Before that picture was on the BTDT, it was here:

So ha ha.

I’m not sure which is harder, actually making any riding progress underwater, or getting a good photo of an underwater unicyclist? I think you’d have to wear a bunch of weights and ride super-slow for it to work at all. Then clean up the tire marks from the bottom of the pool…

I got caught riding in flood waters a couple years ago.

There’s the walking trail near the high school football field, and I took my Torker CX 24" for a spin down there the day before halloween. Three sections of the trail were flooded out. The first was just afew feet long, and the water was at most 6" deep. So, I pressed on, splashing my shoes slightly.
I assumed the second part would be a similar depth, but couldn’t see how fat the water went, because it vanished beyond a turn. I came around the corner, and it was no less than 40 feet of trail underwater. At the end of the section, my wheel and frame up to the seat post clamp had been submerged, not to mention my legs from mid-thigh down.

The last section was clearly the deepest, and I would not have attempted it, but I could see the end of the trail. So, I figured, “Meh. I’m already wet.”
My wheel submerged, my frame, my saddle, my belly button… the water was up to my chest before I fell off, and had to swim out.

Once your body starts getting bouyant it’s hard to maintain traction to keep riding. Usually before this happens, you hit that invisible pothole (in a more typical puddle) and run stomping through the rest of it, trying not to fall down!

I rode a giraffe through my pool, without getting my feet wet :wink: Then I tried to hop it up the stairs and kinda lost it after that (I got wet)