Underseat angle trials

It’s been forever since I’ve rode the unicycle and I don’t have any mad skills, but I bought a camera and it inspired me to take some video. The wide angle lens really distorts the height of everything, the bigger hops up the flagpole base and bench are about 20".

Very interesting. It was nice to watch a video so different from others.

I love your legs! <3

Haha thanks… I think?

grate vid, i always had the idea of filming something similar, bur from the side of mi uni

From the side would be neat, but when you start having camera mounts sticking way out you get a lot more vibration. Also a UPD could cause you some damage to your setup. Mine was under the seat enough that the rear bumper would take the impact.

ive been thinking to place a camer where the “neck” meets with the "fork if you know what i mean, so you wont tip it with your legs! but perhaps the camera can get damaged! i loves your viedo preety intresting!

due i have a question, what camera are you using?

It’s a gopro hd hero

Great video, I think it would come in handy for tutorials. :sunglasses:

Would love to see this camera angle or maybe with a bit more of the road ahead during some technical muni. :smiley: Would really up the scared factor for beginners like me :astonished: