Under No Influence

How do I order the movie Under No Influence? I can’t find a link to buy it on their website or anywhere. And how much is it?
Thanks in advance.

I ordered the movie a while ago, and let me tell you it’s great. To order it, I emailed Ben Turley directly his email is:

if you email him, you might want to tell him that his email address is no where to be found on the http://undernoinfluence.com/ site.

As for the price. He isn’t looking to make money, so it was the cost of the dvd plus shipping. I paid $10, but I threw in a few extra dollars for shipping.


Okay, thanks.

Great short film about a great subject. I have had it for about 6 months. I need to pull it out agian and watch it. I got mine the same wa Daino did.

Hey everyone - thought I might tell you that I am leaving the country for a couple years for a mission for the LDS church. I’m sorry to say that I will be unreachable and unable to make any more copies of the DVD during that time. For those who still want a copy, I don’t mind if you find someone who already has a copy and make a copy of it… I really don’t care about making the money, so do what you want with it, and I hope you enjoy it. You might be able to reach Dallin Stoker for questions regarding the movie at dallasmins (at) hotmail (dot) com.

So long,

-Ben Turley

Can i bum a copy off someone for 5 or ten bucks?

When do you leave?

Dec. 31

I hope you have a successful trip.
The DVD is great & I think it is very generous of you to release it into the public domain to be freely used & distributed.


I am glad to let you all do what you want with the DVD, but I would just like to say I will not be responsible for what you do with the movie regarding music copyrights. I don’t “endorse” the making of copies without the consent of the copyright holders (of music - I personally don’t care about the content I produced). So what you do is up to you. Sorry about all that- just be careful in what you do legally.



Thats awesome! I have to wait to go on my mission for about three years. Are any of the other riders LDS?


Re: Awesome!

All of them are :slight_smile:


Most of the LDS missionaries I see are on 10 speeds in their white shirts and ties. Wouldn’t it be a trip to see them on Cokers!
Is a 10 Speed required, or could you use your Uni?

am I ignorant not to know exactly what or who LDS missionaries are??? I apologise ahead of time if I am…

My best guess would be a Church of the latter day saints missions trip.

LDS stands for Latter Day Saints. Most people know us as ‘mormons’. Check out www.mormon.org for more info.


Ohhhhh ok got ya. 3 years away? wow

you know, multiple wives and magical specs :smiley:

just kidding of course :wink:

Re: Under No Influence

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>you know, multiple wives and magical specs :smiley:
>just kidding of course :wink:

A very comprehensive genealogical database and a fine set of programs
to set up your own pedigree. All for free. And no kidding.

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If you’d like to learn more about LDS missionaries I’d suggest checking out the highly educational motion picture Orgazmo. It’s extremely accurate and entertaining.