Under cover of the night

Danny Colyer writes:


4 X AA batteries, I use 1300 mAh NiMH or 650 mAh NiCd
4.8v, 750mA, pre-focus flanged krypton bulb

I only use it for 10 mins at a time but with 1300 mAh NiMH it should last for 1.5 hours. Of course carrying some spare AA batteries (and a spare bulb) is easy.

I forgot to mention that the angle is adjustable as well.

The price I quoted was from memory and I’ve had it 2 years (same bulb as well) and when looking in Maplin Electronics catalogue for replacement bulb price (59p) I saw it there at £6.99. The code is UN49D and is on their web site http://www.maplin.co.uk with a picture. It may be cheaper at Wilkinsons like most things are. Not sure if it would be any good for serious MUni riding but it is brighter than my sons bike light. Maplin’s recommend 1.5v alkaline batteries (6v), which would make it brighter but shorten bulb life.

I doubt it would be as bright as your 12W but it’s cheap.

5 X 1.2v = 6v, easier high power bulb choice for the designers.

Cheers, Gary

I also use the same light as Danny / Leo. Instead of NiMh batteries I use a fairly small sealed lead acid battery (6V 2~3Ah). These only cost about £7 and are probably available at Maplins etc.

This is a cheap solution although slightly heavier. An evening ride is normally about 60 to 90 minutes and a single battery always lasts more than one ride. Equally I always carry the spare to ensure I can get home with light.

I used to use a Petzl Zoom until a Land Rover pulled out right in front of me even though I had aimed the beam at his eyes. This has not been a problem now that I have a 12W bulb!


RE: Under cover of the night

> I won’t be testing it out until the race

Never test things in a race. You might lucky and have them work just the way
you thought, but the vast majority of the time you’ll have a miserable time
because something needs to be adjusted, or doesn’t work, or keeps falling
off, etc.


Re: Under cover of the night

unicus wrote:
> 4 X AA batteries, I use 1300 mAh NiMH or 650 mAh NiCd
> 4.8v, 750mA, pre-focus flanged krypton bulb

Thanks for the extra info. I don’t think I’ll be making a special trip to
Wilkinsons, especially if you bought it 2 years ago! It’s no better than my
Petzl, which is excellent for camping or repairing fences, but inadequate
for Cokering on an unlit cyclepath.

It sounds as though you got superb VFM, though.

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Scared of the dark

Im scared of the dark in the bush too. Maybe from watching to many movies like Night of the Living Dead, and other scary movies when i was younger, or it could be my forever fear of black bears with the taste of garbage, that always seem to hang around these parts, thats why i bring my knife with me when im goin in the bush to make trails, or riding. i know that it will all but annoy the bear when i cut it, so then i can be batted swiftly through the air. My parents say its stupid to bring a 3 inch blade with me, but it makes me feel safe, so thats all that matters. But being in the bush all alone in the dark with no lights is very very scarry to me. I hate it very much. :frowning: