I’m thinking of buying a new Uni in a few months, for something different,
so far I’ve been putting my 20" Nimbus through its paces.
I’m really undecided on what to do next, get a 29er for some speed and distance, or a 24" for Muni
I’ve been trying to weigh up the pros and cons of both but each seems to end in the thoughts “its just going quickly” or “its just going down a hill” i know theres more to each than that but still remain undecided, really sucks because i know both could be so much fun:(
ideas, arguments?

EDIT: this thread

has moved the argument in muni’s favour

Even if you have to shave your jewels? :slight_smile:
It depends on what you have available. Are rugged mountain trials more accessable than wide open bitumen? or is it the other way around.
I chose Muni because I live in Tassie. The whole center of the state is crisscrossed with rainforest and MTB tracks. From my house i am about 5 min from four good riding tracks at least. some man made and some natural.

24" i faster than 20" and it is noticable, i still wonder whether a 26" would be better for muni, but i really like the 24" and believe something else would feel too large.

By the way, i am heading up your way at the end of July. I am going on a road trip from Sydney to Queensland. maybe if you want to ride just PM me. although i have no idea about where what is. I havn’t been to NSW for about 10 years.

just get a 36 inch coker, then everyone’s happy. Never ridden one, but they look soo stinkin fast.

Jealous! Hopefully I’ll get plenty of riding done at Makara when I move to Wellington, but that’ll certainly be more than 5 mins from my place. Still, I like living in the city and always will.

Buy one of the two unis, then save up for the next :stuck_out_tongue:

You want speed? Get a bike.
Muni is soooo much more satisfying. You don’t travel so far so quickly, but for me, the sense of acheivement on coming over even short distances of tricky terrain far outweighs the feeling of getting somewhere fast.
Have a look at the Qu-ax 24" Muni with a 3" tyre. It’s bigger than the average 26" mountain bike wheel so you’ll probably move a lot faster than on your 20" nimbus.

You could always get the KH29, and have the best of both worlds -> the speed of a 29er and the strength of a splined hub.

actually… they would be the exact same size(2.0 on a 26" compared to a 3.0 on 24 )

and considering the squish of the tire when actually riding, the real diameter is probally closer to 24".

edit: unless of course you ride muni with a rock hard tire.

my vote goes for a 26" MUni, if you want to do more road riding you can easily put on a smooth tire (like the hookworm) and it is not much smaller than a 29. If you do lots of muni you can have a massive 26X3" tire which will roll over roots like nothing else and be nice and cooshey on landings.

It is nice, although over time you learn the trial and it no longer becomes a challenge. I dont mind the city, although the country is more fun. It is laid back and easy going.

Pick harder lines and/or put on shorter cranks, also try to roll over everything.

A higher air pressure will also make the bumpy stuff harder.