uncycling on a bmx track

it was a while ago but we went riding on tiverton bmx track a few months ago and it was quite good fun and i was wondering if any other people had been on bmx tracks?!

Not yet…But i really want to take a Bc to one.

hehe, bring your ski poles

ill get a chance to do it over thanksgiving and if i actually convince my mom to let me do it i will post movies/pics!

I’ve ridden on a bmx track a few times and it’s great fun but depending on the track it can be quite hard work.

Great way of training for off road riding.

They’ve recently renovated the BMX track in leamington spa… It really shocks the chavs that we can even get down the thing, let alone get air and power over the bumps.


About six weeks ago, I was in Eugene Oregon, and discovered a BMX track. I took about 4 laps on my coker, and all the kiddies seemed to be impressed.