UNCW Ride! 36er muni, Coker, Oregon, 24"& 20" Riding


Made a new video to celebrate my 10 year anniversary from graduating at UNCW. First 5 minutes is 36er muni, then whatever you call this attempt at concrete riding I do (freestyle/trials?), then outtakes. Trails are right behind the main campus buildings.

As always I had a blast doing this, first time I’ve ridden all my unicycles during one ride. I’ve had a lot of hobbies over the years but nothing has given me the joy that unicycling does! :smiley:

Embedded video shows that it is private and when I enter the first provided link it says that video contains the contents from SME and EMI and at least one of them blocked the video in my country due to copyrights :confused:

Blocked in the UK too :frowning: Can you upload to vimeo? they seem to block less.

Sorry about that, changed to public. As far as not being able to view in other countries, that stinks, we can thank the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine for that.

I don’t have a vimeo account. I believe to upload videos this long you have to pay.

Maybe I can do another with no music or with artists that are less restrictive. Can folks in the US view it?

Not viewable in the US either. This really sucks, is there any way to tell what songs/artists are copyrighted so heavily before spending days working on a project?

Also blocked in Norway.

It’s blocked in Canada as well.

The only sure way to avoid blocking is to use the music that is not copyrighted.
But you could upload test video with the music you want to use and see how yt reacts for that.

Sweeeet! 6 weeks later and my video is magically available, thank you Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine for letting it roll!

Still not working here in the UK :frowning:

Or in the USA

I don’t know why they can’t just mute the audio instead of blocking the video.

It’s blocked in France as well.

Well crap. It plays when I’m logged onto my youtube account but obviously not for anyone else but me. Sorry, I’d delete this thread if I could. Don’t worry it’s nothing spectacular (except my best riding to date), but it is mostly 36er muni which is hard to find. For DVD, please send self adressed stamped envelope plus $5 to… :smiley:

Could you not re-edit with a permitted soundtrack (or none). And pop the new edit on youtube?

I would really like to see your 36" muni.