ok, after a long time, heres my new video. uncut.


good video.

i am so much better than you are.

well then lets see a video, you’re obviously good if you can do better than that… but I want proof

Great video! Doing hard tricks like that is impressive, but doing them for 3 minutes without screwing up is godlike.

yeah non stop trick after trick looks super hard…its pretty good if u ask me…

Wow, that video was great. It had very nice rhythm. I’m impressed. Freestyle is so cool… I wish I had a place to do it.


Doing all that tricks in a row is sick!

I have the same idea for today, which will be out tonight. I do have cuts, but a bunch of stuff in a row. And it’s street, lol, of course. Nicely done man loved it.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I am NOT 1800unispin, please do not think I am. lol. I thought this vid was amazing, stickly because of one run.

coolness man, i love how you used bloc party…I might use helicopter in my next one by them.


How many takes was it?

That’s just about as good as it gets!

great vid! I’ve always loved your style.

That was really good.

Can you post a DL link to a better quality version?


then paste the youtube URL into the white box… and pick your download format…

Yea I have already done that.

I just want it in better quality.

That was amazing Felix! You’re my favorite unicyclist.

It needed about 6 runs I think.
better quality: http://x.hopto.org/uncut.mpg
be patient with my server at home… :wink:
would be cool if someone else could host it.

That was awesome.