uncle jesse riding uni

holy cow i cant believe i came across this. it was on www.wwujd.com


Sorry :frowning:

there is only one Uncle Jesse.


Re: uncle jesse riding uni

That scene is from Mike King’s Unipsycho Extreme video.



Vocano Jumping is for old Uncle Jesses who aren’t cool at all.


That’s great ,lol.

good one

no way.Sofa’s pic is much better than Xwonka’s obvious fake.

you never have anything nice to say

If you ask me. Sofa’s pic look like UJ is jumping out of the volcano. FAKE! Not to mention it’s a toy, unicycling…

XWilly… You are taking Jagur’s dry humor way way too seriously.:smiley:

I take everyone too seriously. There’s no need to be criticizing me and taking shots at my way of life…

I need a hug :frowning:

anyway… nothing beats this pic…


What way of life??? You have one?:wink: