I just want to give a big thanks to David Stone and the Unatics who gave me such a warm welcome yesterday. It was nice meeting everyone and it was great getting to actually ride with other people. I felt more at ease riding in Central Park with hundreds of people around than I usually do in my own driveway with just the neighbors. David gave me some good tips to help me along my way. I wish I could have stayed longer, but with a three hour ride home I couldn’t stay too late. I hope to make it down again sometime over the summer. Hopefully my skills will be vastly improved by then.



I thought Albany was WAY more than a three hour unicycle ride from NYC. Your skills have already improved dramatically.

Once I hit the Thruway it was smoooooth sailing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea but those tolls are killer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had exactly the same reception a little while ago. The Unatics were fantastic - I felt right at home! One helpful family, in fact, shared rides to get me down there. I can’t wait to get back again.

Central park is really a fun place to go when the weather’s nice. Even though it gets crowded at times, it’s fantastic that there are almost always so many walk-ins and first-timers willing to give a unicycle a whirl. The atmosphere’s pretty energetic and it’s neat to sometimes sit back and peoplewatch.

From what I understand, CP was the site of a different NYC unicycle club years and years ago.

Grant’s Tomb has a flatter surface and there’s generally less people walking into your way. It doesn’t have the same energy nor the conveniently located food vendors, though. It’s a better skills practice area, but then again, I do not have that much trouble finding empty, relatively flat parking lots.

http://www.newyorkunicycle.com/ This is the website. Check us out.