Unatics meeting October 15, 2005, Grant's Tomb

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Unatics of NYC last Saturday at Grant’s Tomb.

Here are some photos and videos from the meet.

I got to see Billy and John Stone again who I had not seen since NAUCC and UNICON in Washington in 2001. I hadn’t seen David Stone for two years since NAUCC 2003 in Minneapolis. I got to meet Dave Lowell and a variety of other members for the first time. I also got to meet David Stone’s entire family and John and David’s mother (who refused to ride for some reason.) Unfortunately, Raphael had some flooding problems and was unable to attend. But, hey, I got a Unatics shirt out of it. Thanks, David.

I took a few photos that can be accessed from the link above. The videos I took seem to lose sound occassionally but what can you expect when you ask a camera to be a camcorder? Andrew Drossman (Hardcore Coker Rider) was impressive on der Uber Coker as well as a standard Coker on which he does one-foot extended and some steep turns. I hope the video indicates the speed at which he can ride the geared Coker. It’s much smoother since the rework. Kris may never get it back.

I took some video of folks riding David Stone’s GUni (Schlumpf 29er) which was fun to ride. I had much more trouble shifting it than the 24" version we tried in Seattle. This one seemed to frequently exhibit the shift-disengagement phenomenon where the hub freewheels for 1/6 revolution. It seemed like more but probably because it feels so strange and then you fall off. I was able to shift up and down on the fly successfully several times. This is one beautiful machine. I hope Florian irons out this minor problem.

If you get a chance to travel to New York, look these guys up. In fact, if you get a chance to travel anywhere try to find and meet with the local unicycle club. It’s alot of fun, you get to meet new people, and you get to try new equipment. Thanks Unatics!

I hope you traded him one of your shirts for it, or at least some tattoos.

OK, Greg or John, who broke the gallery?

Yeah, the galleries are doing some goofy things right now. The link should be
THIS but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. Either link gives a string of error messages but the photos and videos eventually show up.

Oh, my! My apologies for not responding sooner (this thread was on page six – yikes!). I don’t often read RSU. Andrew (HCR) just told me about this thread on our Uber ride tonight. I had missed it.

Greg, it was really AWESOMEmeeting you. Stop by again soon, okay?

(By virtue of that awesome word “awesome”, see how I was able to sum up my feelings with just one word? And make a very short, succinct post?)

This is the David Stone write up of the October Unatics meeting that I was able to attend. Thanks again, David.

Hey, Harper! I forgot to send this to you: My write-up of your visit and
our club meeting. I send out summaries after each meeting, just for fun.
Here it is:

An amazing turnout considering the season. We had 35 riders in
mid-October! Well, it didn’t hurt that we had a special guest visitor
(Greg Harper) and a special guest unicycle (the geared-up Coker built by
Greg and our own D3). The weather helped, too: A gorgeous afternoon
following days of rain and chill.

The day got off to a good start: I arrived right at 1pm, and there was
Laszlo, fooling around on his crazy muni. It looks great, but beware: The
bearings are a bit too small, so the uni feels like the frame is loose.
Actually, it’s solid as a rock, and Laz rode it all over the Tomb quad,
including the grass and the bumps. He also prepaid for a “Defect” DVD –
thanks, Laz!

Within moments, Greg Harper appeared on the scene. He was wearing his
classic t-shirt featuring a cheesecake photo of his delectable self. Greg
didn’t bring a uni, but he enjoyed trying out my Schlumpf guni and a few
other unicycles so much that he impaled himself with one of them, giving
his left shin a special memory of his visit with the Unatics. Harper
stayed long enough to meet up with A5, who rode in on his own Coker while
carrying Greg and Dave’s creation (which, by the way, was commissioned by
the famous Kris Holm). Greg was amazed by A5’s speed, sharp turns, and
seeming invincibility.

Next to arrive after Greg was my own bro, John. He’s mainly riding his
Coker these days, but he showed up on his 29" uni. He tried out my guni
and was tentative at first (a good idea!), but within minutes, he was
zooming around like a pro.

Also riding better than ever was…my wife! Shirra rode (a bit) over a
decade ago, and recently she decided to get back into it. Part of her
inspiration was that she wanted to get a photo of herself knitting while
unicycling so that she could send it in to an “extreme knitting” blog.
Thanks to Harper, we got that photo. Shirra was also able to freemount for
the first time in her life. Wow, she has better balance than I thought! I
guess all that yoga is paying off. Explanation: Yoga, skiing, dance class,
and the like – they ALL tend to help people learn unicycling fast.

Fiona had a great time. She was able to ride backwards for 3 revs – her
best yet – and had a blast playing with all of the other 9-year-old girls
who showed up today. She also helped her little sister, Maeve, who turns 1
1/2 tomorrow. Maeve seems too young to unicycle, but try telling HER that!
She is always begging for someone to hold her while she “rides” around.

Emmett, 6, is trying to become our club’s youngest rider. He practiced a
bit and did quite well, and then he spent the next few hours playing with
fallen sticks with his pal, Jessie. She’s the girl who was zooming around
on her skate-shoes. I’m not sure I ever saw her unicycling, but she did
work a bit on my Super Trick Cycle (STC).

Her mom, Maggie, rode around for awhile. She is still a bit uneasy on her
own, so it was nice to see her riding around holding hands with her
daughter Emmy. As for Emmy, she has gotten really good at 1-foot riding
and was working on backwards riding. She is also trying to hop so that she
can pass levels 3 and 4.

Not long after I arrived, Ken #3 arrived with his old Schwinn. He’d
finally added a KH seat, so now he has a comfy seat on an old clunker of a
unicycle. I joked that he can upgrade it from the top down. He should get
a nice seat post soon (there really is no such thing) and then find a
decent frame. Actually, if I were you, K3, I’d get some decent cranks and
pedals – they make a nice difference! K3 worked on 1’foot riding and was
able to ride in a circle – it’s not at all easy! Great to see you, Ken,
and regards to Michelle.

Dave “D5” Lowell, our beloved webmaster, showed up with his purple Coker.
He zoomed around a bit and admired the geared Coker, and he was also kind
enough to purchase (ahead of time) the “Defect” DVD. I’ve watched it
again, Dave, and it’s even more amazing than I thought.

I guess I could have written the same paragraph about D4 (Bagley). He
doesn’t have a purple Coker, but he does have some funky unicycles and
other gear, and he bought a copy of the DVD, too. Thanks for coming, Dave!

Eric arrived with Jenan and Leila. The girls quickly disappeared, riding
and running around all afternoon with Fiona and Emmy. It’s a hoot to watch
them all play together.

Greg Harper seems to have brought out some members who hadn’t arrived in a
LONG time. It was a thrill to see Max, now 13, and his 11-year-old bro,
Alex (along with non-rider dad, Paul). The boys ride better now than when
we knew them before. It was great to see all of you!

There were also some new members and fairly new members who helped us set
a record for a mid-October turnout of the club. We met Sam, 14, his
sister, Hannah (9), and their cool mom, Linda. And at the last sec, I also
got to meet Manny, a new member who had e-mailed me recently. He rides a
Sun 28". We also saw another fairly new member, Phil, and met a new member
in Anastasia. On the other hand, we had a return visit from Anne, one of
the most consistent members a few years ago who has become quite
preoccupied with her own private unicycle club (I think it has only two
members). Anne, give our regards to Thom!!! And thanks for picking up the
shirts and ordering a DVD. Also buying shirts were Lev and his son,
Nathan, as well as Josh D and his son, Andrew, who has become quite a
solid little rider. It was great to see all of you! Sorry to squeeze
everyone into one paragraph – but if I don’t, I might not get this out
till Halloween (oops – that’s today. Boo!).

I was happy to see Darius again. His dad, our own Ken S, mentioned that
Darius rode his farthest ever while on the way to the train…about a mile
and a half! Well done, Darius! Thanks for putting in for a DVD, Ken!

Greg had made a personal request to see Billy, and Billy complied. There
he was, riding his huuuuuge 28" uni (did I get that size right, Billy?).
Other tall riders included Tycho, who is one of the few people who can
borrow any unicycle without having to shorten it, and Tom G, a great sport
who got stitches after his run-in with a sharp pedal two weeks earlier. He
was back, ready for more fun. As luck would have it, the unicycle he
borrowed a few weeks ago was back, too, but this time, it had a fresh set
of smooth pedals. Whew!

Tycho’s son, the not-so-tall Isaac, 10, was also on hand. He’s working on
crazy stunts on the Super Trick Cycle and is quite interested in getting
one of his own. They’re not easy to come by!

As for me, I was thrilled to see such a huge turn-out and to sell so many
DVDs and shirts. It was great to see new members and to reconnoiter with
old friends. Good luck eating all of that candy!

And I can’t forget to include Tina. She wasn’t there this time, but she
DID make an appearance on the first Sunday in October, and I forgot to
include her in the notes. Shame on me! We love you, Tina! Thanks for the
donut holes!

See you soon! The club meets again this Sunday!!!

David “Happy Halloween!” Stone

It was great (or should I say “AWESOME”) meeting you, Harper. Wish I could have arrived a bit sooner, but I got up later than I had expected because I wasn’t feeling so great Saturday morning. Hopefully I’ll make it to Seattle at some point so I can ride with you and the local crew on your turf and then have a few pints at your local watering hole (I’ll expect John to lead me to the freshest pints of Guinness in town, as I will certainly do if he should make it to NYC). Thanks for taking the video - and including my graceful dismount :slight_smile: I’ve brought da Uber to all subsequent club meetings so that fellow club members can have a spin on it. It’s very popular at the club… with some proficient riders struggling with it and others flying around in no time. Of course my favorite maneuver on da Uber, as on my standard Coker, is turns! Flying past bicyclists on the Hudson River bike path is lots of fun, too :smiley: !

Just two more NYUC meetings with der Uber Coker and then the incredible machine goes back to Kris Holm in Canada… so any Unatics or riders who are interested in taking this historic unicycle for a spin… now’s your chance to come visit and have a go at it… and also meet some amazing riders - like David Stone and UW (D5 in the club), just to name a few. Maybe UW will let you try his crab cycle, too, or his big wheel! Check our website for directions and meeting dates (1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday of every month):

Hope to see you at the club!

OK, I’m pretty sure I got my D’s messed up. I believe UW is actually D3. Sorry, Dave!
Andrew (A5)

so the 19th of november and the 4th of december are the two remaining meetings that der uber coker will be available?

Sorry Dave who? Dave me? Or Dave D3? Or Dave D4?

We have so many Daves (and Andrews) that we “had” to give them numbers. And now you mix up the numbers??? How can we make it any simpler, A5? Use our actual names? :slight_smile: How silly would THAT be?

Since you still got it wrong (:)), here’s the cheat sheet…

D1 - David_Stone (David Stone)
D2 - UniDak (Dave Kaplan)
D3 - U-Turn (Dave Stockton)
D4 - uw (Dave Bagley)
D5 - uni57 (me!)
D6 - ??? (sorry, I don’t know who D6 is)

A1 - Andrew, son of Peter
A2 - the juggling kid
A3 - ???
A4 - ???
A5 - HardcoreCokerRider (Andrew D. – do you say your last name here?)

We are now officially numbering the Kens too…

Ken S.
Ken I.
K3 – (I don’t know this new Ken’s last name)

Ken S. and Ken I. joined around the same time and never historically had Ken numbers. Plus, we don’t know who was first (and personally, I’ve forgotten their last names because we ALWAYS just use the initial). So, they remain Ken S. and Ken I., while the new Ken is K3.

This is all so simple. I don’t know how people keep screwing it up. :slight_smile:

My apologies, D4 and D5… now that I 've got the straight…

I can’t wait to see D4’s progress on the Crab Cycle! Because of D5’s somewhat frustrating day on der Uber at the last meeting… some more Uber spinning is in order (either at a NYUC meeting, or on the bike path or by the HS near the bike path). D1 was bummed out that he couldn’t go for a spin last time (due to minor technical difficulties), so he’ll be happy to climb aboard the D3/Harper wheeled machine. If I’m not mistaken, I think D2 already took it for a spin… but i’m not 100% sure. If not, he and D6 will have to in order to close out the D’s… for Der Uber riders

siafirede… the dates you mentioned are correct. It would be great if you could attend a NYUC gathering and meet some NY (and NJ/CT) Unatics and check out all the cool machines… but if those dates don’t work for you, you can meet me in NY some other time before Dec 3rd that is convenient for you, so that you can take der Uber for a spin.

A few additions to D5’s notes:

D1 - David_Stone (David Stone)
D2 - UniDak (Dave Kaplan)
D3 - U-Turn (Dave Stockton)
D4 - uw (Dave Bagley)
D5 - uni57 (me!)
D6 - Altman (a good friend of my brother’s)

A1 - Andrew, son of Peter
A2 - the juggling kid
A3 - ???
A4 - ???
A5 - HardcoreCokerRider (Andrew D. – do you say your last name here?)
A6 - Andrea, a new member (and the first A used for a woman)

One of the A’s (3 or 4) is our friend Andy the juggler from Jersey. I can’t recall the other. I’ll have to look in the ‘file’

Ken Springle
Ken Iwasa
K3 – (I don’t know this new Ken’s last name) – me neither, off hand.

Well, actually, I was doing MUCH better that day. Much better at static mounting and riding (but still not turning).

Then, as the day wore on (and after taking a break)… I suddenly could NOT successfully mount it and ride away. Not once. No explanation given.

But this is NOT the right place to be talking about der Uber Coker (and by the way, nobody answered my question way at the bottom of this).

Great, I will check my schedule and let you know. Trying that beast out will give me a good idea about whether or not I want to invest in a schlumpf 36er.