Un!fy!ing Factor

Yes I know…another corny uni prefix:p

I don’t really have much to say 'cept watch it and comment! Kinda just some small street stuff I made from working with what I had.

Song is by Linkin Park and Jay-Z, its called Numb/Encore…I know Linkin Park is used a lot but I’ve never heard this song used.


Youtube in a day or two.

Cool video, it was pretty enjoyable to watch. I still can’t do seat drags…

EDIT: Statement retracted, you’ve already recognized your error.

very good and fun… i like it :slight_smile:

thanks everybody!

Emile.m- I knew some one was going to say that! I want to practice on this ledge I know first:p

what error???


Yea the gap over the stair set was sick.

2day I’m going to the same town to film it again. I’ll try for less pre-hops and have my friend see all the stairs. I wish there was more than 1/2 rev b4 the set cuz I’d try to clear it! It was scary b/c the bush almost pushes you into the stairs b/c your rubbing on it and the thing you ride out on is only liek 6-7 inches wide.

cool vid. how old are you?

16…As of Friday the 13th :roll_eyes:
I’m very short.:stuck_out_tongue:

Although i’ve already made the Unify thing (old avatar), it was a pretty good vid.

Clean tricks and whatnot.

Cool vid!
Sometimes you look stressed on your uni!! be cool…:smiley:

Sorry, don’t remember that.

yeah…I know what you mean…I guess I just have to work on my style b/c it doesn’t feel that way but then everytime I edit it, it looks like that :roll_eyes: :angry:

Awesome Editing, very enjoyable to watch. Good Job

I was referring to your use of another Linkin Park song.

I guess its not an error, but it definitely detracted from the video(at least for me).

Liked your movie, that gap over the stair was really sick.
Do you ride unicycle since??

Best Regards From Brazil

I’ve been riding for like 3-3 1/2 years but I have only been serious for like 1 1/2- 2 yrs…but I don’t ride very consistently, I switch between uni and bikes a lot.

I got a question… that trick where you wrote ‘‘SKETCHY WRAPS’’… this is the name of this trick? … well i can do this but i cant do doubles… any tips? :roll_eyes:

no they are wraps…but they are sketchy…like not really clean or nice
srry I cant do doubles either

finally some1 used encore again :D, i didnt think it had been played enough…

half decent unicycling tho (three thumbs up)

I’ve never heard it used, or i wouldn’t have used it :roll_eyes: