un-bending kh/onza cranks.

Any advice?

Your friend always,

I have honestly never tried, but it could be worth doing a sizable drop switch. Wrong foot forward like.

But they will be badly weakened, give it a go though!


If you bend the cranks enough, you can just move them over a spline so they will line up nicely.

But pretty much whatever you do you will most probably end up weakening them even more so, I would just buy new cranks, or even the KH moment hub/cranks.

If you do straighten them their just going to get more and more easy to bend. If how you bent them was a complete one off then buy some new ones. If it was a reuslt of regular bause then looks like you’re going to have to get the KH moment hub/cranks.

Just use a big hammer.

I had bent cranks once, then a friend turned me onto a book. Well, it was actually a vice and something to unbend it with, but it’s the same in principle.

The cranks are round, right? That would make this a little bit harder.

You put one end in a table vice, then some how get a good grip on the other end with something, and bend it. Because they’re round, it’ll be hard to get a strong grip on the other end, but if you put something in the thread and bend it with that, it should bend, although that may also damage the thread.

You could use a shifter to get a grip on the end and bend with that.

Either way you’d have to be careful as to not bend it too far.

When I snapped my KH/Onza cranks i was going to get another pair of the cranks. I ended up getting Moments because they cost £72 for the cranks + Hub, and it is £60 for just the old KH/Onza cranks.

£12 difference for the upgraded cranks. AND NO NUBS :slight_smile: