Ultra long distance touring handle writeup

I’ve done a short writeup on my KH handle + aerobar handle setup that I was using to ride across Canada on my unicycle blog.

Details on why I’m not still going are also there if you’re curious as well.

There are a few pictures of how everything fits together there, but basically this is an attempt to get a v-frame like setup without the complication and expense of actually building a v-frame, and to help distribute body pressure so that I could actually ride for the 8 hours a day I was generally putting in.

if anyone’s got any feedback or comments on the setup I’d love to hear it, and of course any questions I’ll be happy to answer, both about ultra long distance touring (I did about 1800km in 20 or so days) or the handle. I’ve got lots of first hand knowledge now about self supported unicycle camping etc, and I’d be happy to share if anyone is curious.

Thanks for sharing. It’s a nice setup, you’re basically getting the same position as others with a V-frame. But the point of the V-frame as opposed to an extended handlebar like yours, is stability and robustness. You mentioned in the blog that the setup flexes somewhat. Also I read that it was rewelded where it broke. That kind of thing led people to designing V-frames. Did you ride those 1800 km in 20 days on this handlebar?

First I thought that this was going to be a custom made handle that was designed and welded by yourself. But it’s not. Still, I find it very cool.
Also the brakelever mod looks realy nice, but maybe you need to find a better way to attach it other then some tape :wink:
Overal good job.

I’m also working on a longer touring handle, but I’m welding and designing it myself. I can’t waith till I finish it :slight_smile:

I just got my KH Handle…can’t wait to try it out. I like the lower position compared with the T7. I think my arms are still a bit cramped compared to a bike position, but it’s a good compromise for a production handle.