Ultimate Wheels.

haha, more questions :smiley:

Im thinking of getting one of these for chanuka.

  1. what wheel size is best for riding around/ hopping/ tricks?

  2. are the UDC ones any good?

  3. anyone know about bedford ultimate wheels?

  4. Im leaning towards the 24" nimbus uw. any good(or bad?) reviews for that?


Hey mornish, how are you.

I think personally the

  • 28" is good for riding around.
  • If you want to stunt riding then the 24" is better being taller than the 20" cause of the 20" have the tendency of kicking out.
  • The 20" is mostly for those who want a challenge or want to try something new.

I know this maybe confusing you and i apoligise for that. But i’m trying to help you out as much as i can.

  • As for the UDC Ultimates. From what i know they come in the 3 sizes as mentioned above. They all have ultra stiff frames so it holds into place.

  • As for the 3rd question i wouldn’t know sorry but from what my friends tell me. The bedford ones are very durable which must be a good thing.

The 24"s is very good for using around town. Parks etc. plus when you learn 2 ride forward and back. Then you’ll realise, the tricks have only just begun.

Hope i’ve helped you with making a decision even if i have confused you :smiley: :smiley: which again i apoligise.

thanks alot!

hmmm, maybe the 24 then. :roll_eyes:

Also i think the 28" is ideal for those who want to learn cause of it’s size. You’ll get some good distance out of it. Then after a while when you’ve mastered the 28". You can move to the 24" then 20"

Good luck, learning to ride it and keep us posted if you need any help

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hmmm. I’ll think about it.

what’s the worlds smallest ultimate?

I don’t know but i would think it would have to be alot smaller than a 20" like a 16" or smaller :smiley: :smiley:

the one witht he smallest wheel i recon could be that miniature girrafe… although how anyioen can ride it is beyond my knowledge

I don’t know either Brendan, but i’m assuming it’s only to show that you have 1. There is no way imaginable of riding it unless you had perfect balance all your life. Having said that. A normal unicycle whether it be trials, muni, or street, BC or Ultimate wheel requires a standard amount of balance.


I think the best comprimise is a 24 inch

i dont have one, but i saw someone ride one at swum… so its not impossible…
there you go… now thats very very small

in the guiness world record of 2000 it says the smallest uni has a .36 inch diameter wheel and is 6 inches high. it is possible!.