Ultimate Wheels

I just got my first UW and love it. The only problem is I’m awful and only last a few seconds. I’am thjough verty good at free-mounting it. Is a uw with spokes or no spokes better?

By the way got any pointers for uw riding. Or an I just being imaptient?

pedals with a very large foot area help tremendously.

I can’t see any advantage to spokes or solid.

But yes…you’re impatient…give it time.

Try with pants, and not leg armour, less being flung off the UW!

I use pants.

Re: Ultimate Wheels

I like a disk UW better than a spoked one. I “cheat” by dragging my ankles on the disk. I find a spoked UW harder for that reason.

I expect that by using a spoked UW you would develop better technique.