Ultimate Wheels

Hey. I aint posted in here for a while.

Anyhoo, i AM goin to make an ultimate wheel! Im goin to use them ultimate wheel boss kits off unicycle.com, just coz its much easyer than fixing cranks up and all that. I was wondering though, what is the best size wheel/rim to use? I was thinking 20" might be a bit small, and 26" would be a bit big. So, would a 24" work the best? :roll_eyes:

Please could any of yous who have made UWs tell me, and give me some advise?

Cheers. :slight_smile:

it depends on your hight.George Peck told me in an e-mail "to use the biggest wheel you get away with.

the bigger the wheel,the less harsh the angle is when it hits the inside of your leg.

Of course, there’s a limit: the closer the ratio of the wheel’s radius to your inseam gets, the harsher the contact becomes.
Bigger UWs may warrant a crotch-mounted fender.
Assuming you place the pedals about halfway between the center of the wheel and the rim; if your inseam is shorter than r + r/2, you’re gonna be hurtin’.

It depends how tall you are. Whatever your height a 20 will probably be too small.

There isn’t that much difference between a 24 and a 26. A lot depends on tyre selection and effective crank length.

I’ve built a few and they have mostly been 26s. The main reason is that it is easy to get tyres and rims.

27s are quite nice too if you want to build with a narrow tyre.


ok, dave’s confused again… :thinking:

I’m About 5’10" and I definitely prefer a 24" UW (after taking 30 minutes to learn on a 26", I tried a 24" and liked it MUCH better)

The 26" was Michael Grants, the 24" Guy Hansen’s. I can’t even ride MG’s uni, it’s too tall. Any how, This was before Roach pads and the only protection were my pant legs: The 24" inch was much less painful.


An advantage for the 24" is that if you get good at riding it you can use it in the ultimate wheel race at NAUCC or UNICON. The max ultimate wheel size in the race is a 24" and the cranks can’t be shorter than 5".

has anyone got pictures of an ultimate wheelbeing built?

i’ve been thinking about it for a while, and i’ve got a spare 24" rim/tyre lying about, and a couple of sets of bent cranks which i could easily chop up.
i’m thinking of doing it the wooden way, since i don’t have a welder.

i could stick it in the faq too.

The Step by Step Guide to Making Your Own UW – by Derek

Ultimate Wheels

Thanks for all your help guys.

Im 5’ 9" so i think i will be building a 24". Im gettin an ultimate wheel kit off roger (unicycle.uk.com) on Thursday, so i think it will be a weekend joby! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks again, :slight_smile:


I wish i read this thread before I built my ultimate wheel. I am about 5"5" and i made a 20" UW with 5" cranks. O well i love a challenege.