Ultimate Wheels! 20" and 28" Nimbus (USA)

I have two ultimate wheels for sale, a 20" and 28". Both are Nimbus standard wheels from a few years ago. The 20" is gold and the 28" is blue. I have used the 28" a lot and it has a few scratches. The 20" was never my favorite and as a result it is in nearly new condition. I used duct tape on the wheel to make it slide more easily, and you can see some markings from this application on the 28" tire. It works fine with or without added tape, and you can always switch the 28" tire if you want it to be pristine.

I propose prices for the 20" of $95 plus shipping and for the 28" of $110 plus shipping.

I would of course consider offers.

Best wishes,



The 28" ultimate wheel is most likely sold. The 20" is still available.

Winter is coming. You probably need a 20" ultimate wheel!


Thank Scott, looking forward to the frustrating newb learning process all over again. Yes!:grin:
…right when Im about getting good with the Schlumpf too🤣

I live in South OC. Am interested in the 20" UW. Is it still available?

Yes! PM me.

I am in Irvine, so it should be easy.