ultimate wheel


I am deciding if i should get or make an ultimate wheel.
currently, i’m working on stillstand skills / seat out / hop height and assorted trials and street tomfoolery.

my question to the unicyclist.community is whether taming the ultimate wheel will help me improve my all-round unicycle skills and help with trials and other tricks, OR, is it more of just a fancy skill in itself which has little bearing on other uni skills.

many thanks

(on a side note, hello forum!)

Welcome to the forum. Great stuff on here.

If you are trying to decide to get or make a UW, I’d recommend making one, or even popping one of your wheel set’s out of it’s frame, and learning to ride that. If you really like it, than you could buy a purpose made one and have a ball with it.

My experience with UW’s was not good. I learned to ride around 100 yards on one, but was never comfortable, destroyed the sides of my calves (tire rubbing) and was just generally not fun. After ‘learning’ to ride it, I never picked it up again, and really didn’t notice any improvement in my regular uni riding, except for saying to myself, “At least I’m not riding that damn ultimate wheel.”

However, my experience was probably isolated or something. I’m sure there’s some out there who love 'em. I just ain’t one of 'em.

My .02.