Ultimate Wheel Wheel Walking

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Would wheel walking on a 36 inch UW be easy than on a 20 inch UW?

The first person to reply to this thread can ww SIB, which is as close as you’re going to get; it’s just too easy to flip the wheel without some means of angle control.

Regarding the tire walking, well, those were wide enough to balance on their own;)

what about bc wheel walking?
one foot on platform and one foot walking the wheel.

I already thought about that, but I figured that “ultimate wheel wheel walking” would make a better discussion. Both are equally possible, but not probable.

1ft bc wheel wheelwalk wouldn’t really be that difficult if you had a setup that gave you sufficient leverage against the one plate you were standing on.

Seems to me that it would be somewhat akin to 1ft stand-up ww seat on side.

What is most definitely possible is hand wheelwalk on a a bc wheel…though my attempts at it were far less successful than my normal hand wheelwalking.

That has been done

BC Wheel One Foot Wheel Walking :wink:

Hand walking’s fairly easy on a bc wheel, you just have to be good at balancing while going slow on it