Ultimate Wheel video for Unicycle.com

Here’s a video I am finishing up for Unicycle.com. This is my first time editing a video on this scale, so if you can think of any improvements to the transitions/effects please let me know. Thanks!

Hope you guys like the MuWi stuff, it was fun!

PS Make sure you watch it in 720p

pretty awesome!

Amazing! It was awesome when you jumped off, did a 180, and landed back on.

That is awesome. It makes me want to get one.

Amazing skills… nice one, really enjoyed watching that. A real change from all the other videos posted. Thanks !! :slight_smile:

If the goal is to get people to buy ultimate wheels, I think it might be working:)
Really fast Muwi riding! Looks like fun. And nice video work too.

Really good video and good skills!
Mountain UW riding is Fun, i’ve tried it.
Btw, what’s the “cranklength” on your UW? it looks shorter. The first Nibus 24" UW was like 150mm cranks.

That was awesome. I loved the body varial :O.

guy that’s sick… I wish I could do half of this on my uni… it looks so easy on your movie
great job :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Dida, not sure what length is… That’s just the UW that they sent me.

Anthony, that is amazing - I cant even imagine how much practice that takes!!

crankflip?? haha, just kidding, that was sick riding dude- - loved it :smiley:

That was a really enjoyable video. It was the first good ultimate wheel video that I’ve seen and it really captivated me.

You’re very talented.

Thanks for posting.

Amazing skills:D

@ 3:10 I thought you were going to do your “leap of faith”

(that was in a steight line, but I thought I’ve seen you do it in circles)

edit: just rewatched and aparently I didn’t see it the first time (0:53)

Yeah, definitely made me wish I had an ultimate wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the body varial. So nice.

Holy wow that was awesome, and props for using Still Alive for the background music! (I loved Mirror’s Edge :p)