Ultimate Wheel Update

I had to take a break of 3 to 4 weeks from my ultimate wheel–work stuff, how
unfair! Yesterday I rode in the basement for about an hour off and on. I could
go from one end of the basement to the other, but not always in very good form.

This afternoon there was a break in the rain, so I went out to Battle Park and
practiced on its empty streets. I’m still discovering what is hard. I quickly
found that going on level or slightly downhill stretches were much MUCH easier
than going up the slightest hill. However, after about 30 minutes of practice,
the slight uphills became easier.

I also found that I had “trained” myself to dismount after going about the
length of my basement. It took me a while to get longer distances in. By the end
of the hour, I was able to go the equivalent of a city block or two–though I
often knocked myself off after shorter distances.

Praises to Active Ankle! I now wear them on each ankle when ultimate wheeling.
They are very helpful in stabilizing my ankle, and they also protect my shins
from the scrape of the wheel.

I wish that my pedal connections weren’t tapped for half inch pedals. I may get
a local machine shop to “fix” them. One of the key difficulties with ultimate
wheeling is that the tire knocks your feet off of the pedals. I want to use the
Easton Cully’s off my Muni. Right now I have some pretty sorry plastic jobs.

I strongly recommend ultimate wheeling to everyone who’s looking for that next
challenge. It is great fun.

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA