Ultimate wheel trouble.

I’m having some trouble on my nimbus 24’’ Ultimate wheel do you guys have any tips. i have already tried riding in a hall but i still can’t ride outside.

Thanks for any ideas,

I was under the impression that a 28" is easier to learn on. I am thinking of getting one for learning…

I understand the same that the larger the wheel is supposed to be easier to learn on. However, I am only 4’10" and so I went with the concept that this should be as easy to learn on as possible for my shorter stature.

I learned how to ride an ultimate wheel using a 24" wheelset. Really, it’s just like learning a regular uni. You just gotta do it… a lot.

The way I learned, was leaning against a pole while on the wheel, then letting go of the pole and trying to ride it. Pretty straight forward.

{NOT AN ULTIMATE WHEEL EXPERT} I have one; I originally assembled it in 1986 from a Unicycle Factory Ultimate Wheel Insert kit. Never got decent at riding it, but much of that is probably due to not having it between August 1986 and August 2000, during which it lived in Japan.

Anyway, when riding an ultimate wheel, what you’re trying to learn to do is control the wheel by exerting the forces needed to keep it pointing straight, while staying vertical, as much as possible. You don’t want to let it flop from side to side, but it takes a while to figure this out. As you start getting better at that, you will notice better progress. It takes a lot of effort.

The more difficult something is to learn, the greater the reward when you learn it. Right? Either that, or the obscure-skills version: the more difficult it was to learn, the fewer the number of people that can do it – whether anyone else cares or not. Am I right? :slight_smile:

When I leant the best tip I was given was to imagine that there is a seat on it that is a bit low… then pretend to sit on it! The other thing that helped me was keeping my knees together and riding smoothly.