ultimate wheel trials

is there anyone who does trials, MUni, or street on a ultimate wheel?

Brian Mackenzie on a 36" in TWNR


There was a dude at MMUF last year who did that. I don’t remember who though.

I’ve done some very mild muni on mine. Its very hard work.

Never tried trials on it but I can side hop much further on an UW than a normal unicycle.

So Cool!

That was so cool! Makes me want to splurge on an Ultimate wheel!



Now that’s an interesting way of writing it my friend. :smiley:

I don’t understand.

I don’t understand what is disgusting?

That what Brian did on the Ultimate Wheel has inspired me to want to get one myself and start practicing?

Or did I use some kind of word that has a different meaning in Australia?


Splurge = blow your load.

blow your load on a unicycle?? ha ha ha :smiley:
load = unicorn’s money? he he he :roll_eyes:

I remember that video and it still amazes me.

I can ride a ultimate wheel for 1 minute then I rest.

i cry. tears. that … is… sick.

Is anything more extreme even possible ? A schlumpf+Dakoroman 42" UW in a snake pit while aboriginals shoot poison darts at you ?