Ultimate wheel tips

I just made an ultimate wheel and I was wondering if anybody had any helpful tips for me.

Here are some tips which might be helpful. I don’t UW myself, at least not yet.http://www.unicycling.org/unicycling/uw.html

Start out holding on to a wall or somthing,but dont bother trying to ride along a wall like you did learning to uni.it doesnt work.
when you get on,lean the wheel against your mounting foot,so you have time to get up your other foot.

when you pedal the wheel is going to wobble back and forth(especially if the cranks stick out side ways).once you get a lot better it will start to not do that.

Once you get past the point were you can get your second pedal(the one you mount with)over the top and down again,it gets alot easier and you will acomplish a lot all at once.

Practice Practice Practice.even if you dont feel like your getting any better,you are.

It helps to wear leg armour,also to make it not rub so hard on your legs cover the sides with duct tape(you only need to do it on the two oppsite spots on the wheel that hit your leg)

If you can seat drag,it will be almst the same(or vice versa,after i learned to uw seat draging came natraul)

I still cant ride for long dicstances without getting tired and falling off,but i can idle,jump up little things,rolling mount and do a sorta hunched over 180.

Good luck!

Now, i have some plans to make my own UW, and of course, i want to do it with style!

This is my little drawing, sopose to be 26", the cranklength simulated is ~150mm.

My dad’s a steel worker, i think he could weld the frame with rim.
But is this doable at all? Is there any rims that you can weld on, or is all rims aluminium (= tricky to weld on), would i need to find a rim without holes? might be hard.

And is is important for it to be light weight, or is it more stable if a bit heavy?

I haven’t seen such a tiny version of that design before, but I guess it would work

That is just amazing. :smiley:

But i want it to be 24 or 26, so that it wont be that hard and expensive to get (spare) parts.

Edit: And nice choice of music, i laughed when i heard what they were singing. :smiley:

you have no need for more than a simple + design (like my 24" uw)

And there is a full on UW36 muni scene in my movie :slight_smile:

So i should use the plywood design instead?
How to attach the pedals to the “frame”? just to slaughter some old cranks, or should i buy the little plates soposed for this?

the plywood design sucks

go to home depot, buy steel sqaure tubing

cut these (you will have 3 pieces, one full diameter pieces, and two radius pieces minus the width of the diameter piece (if you can picture that)

you now have a circle (the rim) with a +, or X in middle.

Now, take the ends of some cranks, and weld them to the metal tubes (i use cranks, as they are metal, can be welded to the metal cross pieces, and will accept pedal threads) at a place that is convenient.
I would suggest 150mm for 26", and 130mm for 24"

Does this make sense? (maybe it only makes sense to me as I can picture me as I made them)

Well, i perfectly understand!
Very good tip!

But… what rim can i use to weld on?
aluminium would cause some problems, wouldn’t it?
(I’m not into the rim-material buisness, i don’t know what they are made of!)

Edit: Very with W? What was i thinking?!??

it would need to be a steel rim


the frame design is solid enough that the rim might get warped, but will always be ridable (the cross will prevent it from getting ‘too’ warped) it doesn’t matter at all if it wobbles.

so take any cheap ass steel wheel, salvage the rim from it and weld bars into it. done and done (you aren’t going to find a weaker rim than the coker’s!)

I’ll go venturing for matrial and talk to my dad today.
I found a 26" tyre in my garage, but it’s at least 10 years old, i might try it, but no more than that.

Thanks alot for all the help!

By the way, is it possible to do some “frame walking” tricks?
To actually stand inside the square, holding the wheel, and hop?

And, do you have any pictures of this creation you mentioned? (the X-model)

You can use any rim with a flat surface on the inside, and just rivit the rim to the center frame that way you can change the rim if you damage it, also you could Glue the rim w/ gorilla glue then rivit it. If it sounds crazy Spin Rims the Co. And Spinergy Do that on rims with 3 to 8 bladed spokes.

First, understand that practicing the UW is for most people rather boring. But it’s all about practice.

Know that you have to wear shin guards because the wheel will rub against your legs for ages–till you can keep it straight.

I foreced myself to practice just a few minutes after every regular session, street or Mnui or Cokering, and that eventually paid off.

Getting good on a UW involves two things–technique, and fitness. Practice is required for both.


I have tried a little bit of these frame tricks and have discovered that it is far too scary in terms of having your leg slide through a hole and most likely snapping, I have no interest in this.

Holding the wheel and hopping is do-able, but it’s kind of awkward. Your elbow is between your knees, angles sideways while your legs are angled back and forth, it’s a tight fit.

most of what i have done so far has been neat mounts, drops, muni and minor trials. I was hoping to get pedal grabs by now, but I’m not sure I will be able to get them

I don’t have a pic of the 24" wheel right now, but it’s the same desin as the one on uni.com

About tips:

Jeans are just as good for learning as shin pads, maybe even better once you get going, as the tire won’t grab the jeans as easily as the pads (that’s what i found)

It’s not as much practice as learning to ride a unicycle though

Ryan Atkins learned in about 30 mins, it took me about 3 hours to get get going the length of a gym

I got an old steel mtb wheel from the cycle-service guy, he was quite keen to force me to come show my creation later.

About the tire grabbing on your shin guards or pants–and it will at the beginning. The silicone spray is too much hassle. Just put slick duct tape along the outside of the tire and it will slide over your pants or shin guards. Get a big roll and keep slapping strips on as they come off–and they will.


Re: Ultimate wheel tips

On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:30:35 -0600, “vivalargo” wrote:

>Get a big roll and keep slapping strips on as they come
>off–and they will.

The coming off will be greatly reduced if you apply the strips of tape
in a roof-tile style such that you never rub against the side of a
strip. Only the last strip may be tricky to apply.

Yes that will give your UW a front and a back, as well as a left and a
right, but still no top and bottom.

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