Ultimate Wheel success.

Finally conquered (not mastered) the Ultimate Wheel.

Nice work, that looks like heaps of fun. I’ve got an impossible wheel and I’m just about to email Juggleart here in Australia to see if they can order in ultimate wheels. Any videos?


Wonderful, Great work. Shame about your left leg and Thumbs up from me to you mate. That’s Top’s.


It was cool, I took the photos:D . Next time we’ll have a video camera.
I gave it a try myself and as far as I’m concerned, you may as well call it an “Impossible Wheel” too. It was too tough for me.
Adam, How’s that leg feeling?

The leg is tender as hell, but hopefully healing?

Congratulations on the UW ride, Adam. That looks like a wound Buster might want to investigate.

Cool ultimate wheel Adam! I just started uw-ing this week too. I won’t say that I’ve mastered it yet, but I’ve definately tamed the wheel. What tire are you using??

George Barnes loned me this prototype 24 inch uw to learn on. Thanks George! He told me to take it home and beat the hell out of it, so I guess that makes me the crash test dummy. The first two sessions, I dropped it a lot and tripped over it quite a bit. Now I’m really getting the hang of it. I’ve been riding it up and down hills, on gravel, mud, and grass. I’m getting so I can turn it too. The tire is not rubbing my legs as hard, and I feel like I’m in control of the wheel.

The center is 1/8th inch steel plate and the unicycle.com logo is laser cut. The logo is just beautiful! I never thought you could cut steel so smoothly. I put my Fireball on it. I thought a uw this cool deserved a cool tire.

cheers and happy uw-ing… Mojoe

That looks great. You can see a photo of that metal disk being cut on Georges website. I’m assuming that’s what it is because there’s a photo of a disk having ‘unicycle.com’ cut out of it.


Darren makes almost the same UW, exept his is aluminum, and very light. It’s nice. Happy UWing!


Andrew, I got some videos put up today.


The Fireball tire is really nice to uw on.