Ultimate wheel success :)

I’ve had a 24" ultimate wheel for several years but I’ve not even tried to ride it for 3 years or more. I took it out to a quiet spot today and had a serious practise.

Previously, I think I had got up to a maximum of about 30 pedal strokes in a straight-ish line. Today, I started unable to do even 2 pedal strokes.

An hour later, I was consistently riding 50+ pedal strokes and had managed over 130. I even managed a figure 8 and a couple of circles, and was fairly consistently freemounting.

Not bad for 51. Quite proud of myself.

Cool. And I guess without touching the tire that much.

After I mastered the UW a bit, and after dragseat, I sold my UW to a youth circus. Sure a good home, but I sometimes miss it! :frowning:

Day 2 of the ultimate wheel riding project. Several runs over 100 pedals strokes, and a short section of unmade track. Successfully did another figure of 8. Even managed a few hands-free free mounts.

Day 3, tried to ride it across my lawn, which is very uneven. A real struggle.

Day 4, the good news: I cracked the 200 pedal strokes - a best ride of 218. The bad news: with only 4 spokes, I still managed to get my feet tangled in them and I fell full length, bruising my hand. Managed a few more hands-free free mounts. KH leg guards are starting to show wear on the inside faces.

Day 5. I took the ultimate wheel to a quiet cycle track - a converted railway line - and decided to see how far I could get. My longest continuous ride was 283 pedal strokes. Exhausting, physically and mentally.

This from a rider who once did 27 miles without a dismount on a 36" unicycle, and has been riding various unicycles from 20" to 36" over the last 27 years.

Then I looked up “Ultimate Wheel” on Youtube to find people doing more on a UW than I can do on a conventional uni.