Ultimate Wheel: My thighs are on fire!

How far does an expert usually travel, at one go, on an ultimate wheel?

My first experience (tonight, after work) went like this: First ten minutes, the thing felt absolutely impossible. Next five minutes, I started getting about 30 feet down the road (starting by holding onto a tree, then just peddling fast as I could while bashing the crap out of my lower legs). Then suddenly, I could ride the thing --though America has never seen such wobbling. My technique got a bit smoother after another ten minutes, and I could peddle for maybe 100 yards, but had to jump off because my legs were so pumped I couldn’t carry on. No way.

I’d covered the sides of the wheels with duct tape to reduce friction and strapped on my Muni shin guards lest I wouldn’t have any meat left on my pins. But given the strain on my legs, I could no more spin this thing around the block than I could long jump the Grand Canyon.

What gives on working up to distances on an Ultimate Wheel? Surely it gets less strenuous as your technique improves??? I didn’t have a relaxed muscle in my entire body. Not that I was expecting to master the thing straighaway, but I never could have imagined how strenuous it felt to keep it going.

Anyone who has experience/advice on the subject, I’m much obliged.


Tired legs is still the limiting factor for me. I can ride a few hundred metres (yards :slight_smile: ) but it takes a lot of energy. It does get easier with time but it is not nearly as noticable as with a regular unicycle. I’m not very pro at it, I only ride it at the occasional unimeet so hopefully I’m still on the curve and it’ll get easier

My calves (is that the proper plural?) hurt a lot less than they used to. These days I only get a lot of rubbing if I’m hopping or idling.


A search on the forum gave me this:

I wish I had seen that. I REALLY wish I could DO that. Some day…

when i first started riding the UW, i could barely ride around the block without collapsing from exhaustion. But now i can ride for several hours before getting tired. It’s just a matter of time…