Ultimate Wheel isn't so hard

I tried an Ultimate wheel for the first time yesterday. (And a Coker for the first time, too!)

It is akward, for sure, but it really isn’t the tough…to start out that is, not to perfect it.

Me and Ryan (Toronto Unicyclist) both tried it for the first time. After about 30 mins of practice (5, or 10 minutes, here and there)
I was able to get about 5 rotations, and he was able to do the length of the gym…he’s 15 and I’m 27.

It took me about 3 hours on a unicycle before I could do that.

Of course, 2 days ago I thought it would be neat to own one. Now I absolutely need one : :astonished:


Hey Brian,
it’s Ryan, I totally agree with you on the ultimate. they’re so much fun! i’m going to build up my own next time i order some stuff from unicycle.com. email me those videos or if you want you could put them in a gallery. Today’s ride was unbelievable. i c’ant believe you didn’t make it!! it was the greatest!:slight_smile: ok, well email me (ryana@rogers.com) and maybe we can go for a ride next time i’m in the milton area,
see you later,

Ultimate is the ultimate

I’m glad you think the Ultimate is not so tough… It seemed pretty tough to me. I just got mine about 4 days ago. lucky I was able to see video on the internet at Muniac.com or I would have thought it was impossible to ride. However in four days of trying off and on, I have been able to see great improvement. Now I can see it is just like anything else… Practice…practice… Practice till you get good. Good luck with your new Ultimate.
Hey does anyone other then me ride people on their shoulders on their unicycle? I just started checking out the internet recently about unicycles and have not come across it yet.


Hey Ryan, I could only get the one vid up for some reason…I’ve been trying a few times. If it doesn’t work again, I’ll put it up somehow…maybe there is an album limit size?

I would’ve loved to have gone today…but I could only make it for one day. I’m glad you guys had a good time. Maybe you you’ll want to be on our 24 hour relay team next summer :slight_smile:

There’s more movies up here now (here you go, Ryan)


Re: Ultimate is the ultimate

I’m not a good enough rider to do that, but I’ve seen it on the internet a lot.


Im pretty sure Sem Abraham and his wife do this trick.
I havent checked, but you might want to see www.semcycle.com

hey Sofa

of course it was easy!its a planer disc not an ultimate wheel.learning on the disc is so easy compared to a cranked UW.i know that they are both difficult but if you want a real challenge,try one with cranks.in the end the cranked UW is king and you can have a fat tire like mine,a 26x3

I ride with the kids in my street on my shoulders sometimes. It’s great fun.

Someday I, as well, will have an ultimate MUni!

If you have a MUni, you can open the bearing brackets and let loose your Ultimate MUni -for free.

-Christopher, contemplating his 24X3 Gazz/Profile Ultimate Wheel.

Yup! And if you rotate the cranks you get an Ultimate MUni Kangaroo for free as well!


Hmmm, is it easier to ride on a ultimate wheel or to lay the saddle on the ground and try to drive then…? I’ve never had the chance to try out an ultimate wheel.


There is a difference between a normal unicycle without a frame and an ultimate wheel? A normal uni without a frame will still have the cranks, but a UW has the petals mounted right into the wheel, is that the difference? Also, what is a BC wheel?


If your refering to a seat drag, then i found that the ultimate wheel was much easier than doing a seat drag. after 10-15 minutes i could ride across the gym on the UW and after that, i tried to do a seat drag and only got 6 or 7 pedal revolutions. I think i can learn this technique with more practice. Also, when trying the seat drag, my monty tire would catch on my pads and stop me (falling). I think a slick tire would make it easier.

Hope that answers your question,

Hey Ryan,

thank you for your answer. Maybe an ultimate wheel would be the next thing what takes place in my garage… . Very often I tried to ride on the “normal” unicycle without frame and seatpost…I think it’s difficult. But you gave me hope :wink:


Yeah, the Wheel isn’t so tough…

Until you get scabs and bleeding and pain and dissappearing skin and…
ALL up and down the side of your calf!

Try going a mile or two with nothing on your legs but you pants.
That is what makes the Wheel tough.

The title of this thread may be takin out of context.

It wasn’t written to say ‘Yah, anyone who has ridden this thing hasn’t done anything special’

It was written to say ‘Hey wait, this thing isn’t impossible!’

However, just being able to get those few rotations in so quickly, I know that I will be able to ride it further, and easier, then the same amount of time in the uni saddle (as a uni-beginner).

Apparently long pants are preferred over the roach pads (as soon as the wheel hit them I would stop) although it was either pads or bare skin…pads won out

‘Hey wait, this thing isn’t impossible!’

Yeah, thats when you look for an impossible wheel.
Ultimate wheels are Ultimate,
Impossible wheels are impossible.

…well, not really. somebody’s done it…

But yeah, if its pads or bare skin, In fact if its anything or bare skin, take the anything.
I have actually had to wrap my legs in duct tape before. You don’t get your legs shredded. In fact it hurts very little.

But then you need to take it all off…

QUESTION: To those who are UW experienced.

Doing a mile or two…would that be like jogging with no impact? Once you’re good, does it wobble very little?