Ultimate Wheel is finished!

We just tightened up the last of the nuts and bolts on our ultimate wheel
tonight which we built it entirely from scratch (except for the 24" rim of
course). The toughest part was finding 9/16 x 20 left hand thread tap.
Finally borrowed both right hand and left hand taps from the local bike
shop in town in return for giving the taps a good sharpening. Helps to
have a good bike shop owner and machinist friends. We set out for the
driveway at 11:00 p.m. tonight to try it out. Within a half hour, my son
Ben (11) was riding half the length of the driveway (about 10 meters). It
is really a joy to watch the boys learn new skills especially so
rapidly…one and the same experience we have watching the neighborhood
kids learn that attend our new club.

I have a question though…we built in both 5" and 6" crank capability.
For the learning stage, which should we be using right now…or rather
which should the boys be using right now? I may try to get up on the UW
later but right now, I’ll let the boys show me up.

Bruce http://move.to/daup