Ultimate Wheel Info Wanted

i would like everybody to try to give me some tips on the ultimate wheel. also i would like info on what can you do on a uw and how to do that.

thanks for posting (if you did)

Most experienced riders can learn the UW in about an hour–or less.

Once you get the hang of it, it can get a little boring. It’s also really strenuous unless you’re quite skilled. Perhaps the best way to imrprove (worked for me) is to keep the UW handy, and after every ride, put in a few minutes on the UW. It’s a great way to cap off the workout and you improve quickly. Another way is to find a pretty flat and easy out and back trail, hike up it with the UW and see how much of it you can ride down. Since you gotta get back to the car anyhow, you’ll end up riding, or trying to ride, more than you normally would on the street.

The hardest part of the UW is often just getting yourself to practice it in the first place.


my guess is that there arent many ricks you can do on a UW. but as said by vivalargo its a good capper to a workout. but to save money riding sif or seat drags/pushes are practicaly the same as the UW

Kick-up mount
jump rope
spin the UW, then jump on
jump mount
rolling mount
jump from one UW to another rolling in front of you

For ultimate wheel “lessons,” please search around, or ask more specific questions.

I gues either I am not included in the group “most”, or else I am not experienced. I find ultimate wheels to be quite difficult to ride. Actually the one time I tried a disk type ultimate wheel, I was able to ride a ways right off, but even after several hours I still find my ultimate wheel (the wheel off my freestyle unicycle, a 20" with 102mm cranks) to be quite difficult to ride. This thread reminds me that I should practice it again…

I would say that the hour or less rule of thumb that vivalargo mentioned is a bit optimistic, but not too far off. If you can ride seat out front (holding the seat extended) you could likely manage to ride an UW in an hour or three. That’s for a disk style UW. The cranky style (wheel off of a standard unicycle) UW is a different matter entirely. The cranky style is more difficult and quite an impressive feat.

I bought my first UW at nationals in Minnesota. I had never even tried to ride a UW before. I bought it in the morning and was able to ride it in the UW race that afternoon and I managed to finish the 40 meters for the race without falling. I wasn’t fast but I was glad to be able to finish it. I practiced for about threeish hours on and off before doing the race.

The cranky style UW is different. You cannot let it tip and rub your legs like you can with a disk style UW. You have to keep it properly vertical with dexterous footwork. I have only tried a cranky UW twice and that was just briefly. It will take much more practice than the disk style UW.

you forgot thats you can jump with an ultimate wheel not high but still a jump

I can side hop an UW further than i can on my regular uni (not that it’s very far :slight_smile: )

Juggling and chin balancing is possible, too. There was a chap at a convention a few years back who was juggling and then lifting his leg and throwing a club under it. Nice trick

…and don’t forget handstand, slackrope UWing :astonished:

most true Ultimate Wheels aren’t just wheels taken off of the frame, its a wheel with the pedals connected directly to it. so theres no crank arms. that makes the pedals closer to the wheel, so its a lot easier to ride.
I’ve never actually tried a real ultimate wheel, but this is what I’ve heard.

Please refer to item #2 on my list.

I was hoping to hear more trick ideas, but those will still keep you plenty busy for a while.

Call me an UW retard. I built my first one in 1986 for Nationals, but fell off at the start of the race. I never got very solid on it, and sold it at the end of the following Unicon (a few weeks later) to Jack Halpern. Then I rode one only occasionally until 2000, where Jack gave it back to me (in China). I still can’t ride it very well.

I originally started by trying to ride a frameless Schwinn wheel, which I will concur is way harder. Never mastered that at the time, but later I learned to do seat drag.

thanks guys


On http://unicyclist.org/cont/freestyle.cfm check the section named “ultimate wheel”

jump rope your fooling me i’ll start practicing:)

i just started building one, well not really started but iv been getting the parts to build one… im making a 17" from an old road bike wheel…i just have to figure a cheap and easy way of getting the pedals attached, i dont have any extra crank arms… but good luck to learning !!!