Ultimate Wheel in the snow and ice

We got snow in NYC several days ago, and the sidewalks I ride on have been a bit icy. Since I ride the 27" star UW, even the slightest uphill on ice and the wheel just spins in place. Since I’m no expert, I tend to fall. I prefer just riding, so I need any and all suggestions for keeping up my UW skills over the winter.

By the way, what UW works better on ice and snow?

If anyone has a UW they want to sell, send me a PM.



My Coker went out from under me sideways on a patch of glare ice today too. OUCH. First time in YEARS that’s happened. This makes me think even the 36" UW won’t be the best bet for winter.

You could look around where you live/work for covered areas (halls, bus terminals) etc where you can practice. Or fit a snowplough, ice chains and a salt spreader…

Dont be a sissy, Ice studs=no slip:D:D:D

I’ve tried today to ride on Ice on a frozen lake. I have the same UW that you have. I’m ride over 10 meters. Its very difficult. You have to ride as straight as possible.
To learn UW riding look at places, without snow and ice. Or try a wider tire.