Ultimate wheel help

So, i got my ultimate wheel today and i can get about one, maybe two (if im lucky) rotations in without holding anything. First, any reccomendations for helping the wheel slide across my legs?!? and any general tips would be good.

make the tire smooth

Wear 661 style leg armour and spray the sidewalls of the tyre with silicone spray lubricant. Silicone spray lubricant comes in an aerosol can and you can get it at auto parts stores. It will make the sidewalls of the tire slippery. Don’t get it on the tread of the tyre.

Another tip is to pump up the tyre to a good firm pressure. A firm tyre is easier to ride and control than a soft tyre.

so i got it with the whole slick tire/shin things, but i would like to know if there are any tips to learning without them, to get it balanced, and not become reliant on the shin slikkies.

can you seat drag on a normal unicycle?

no i cant, i really should learn seat out front first shouldnt I…

You should learn to ride seat out front first. And practice holding the seat away from your body. It is not necessary, or probably even helpful, to learn seat drag. A seat drag and an ultimate wheel are not the same thing. I can ride an ultimate wheel but cannot seat drag. The skills are not as similar as they look. Learning one does not really assist much in learning the other.

Once you learn to ride the UW you’ll be able to ditch the leg armour. But it takes practice to learn how to ride it without rubbing the legs too much. Larger wheels are easier to ride without leg armour than smaller wheels.

Riding with just jeans (no leg armour) can be more difficult because the jeans fabric is quite grabby. If the side of the tire is smooth enough you can ride it with shorts and bare legs. Riding with jeans or loose fitting pants is more difficult.

Another tip is to make sure you’re not riding it completely flat footed. You need to ankle the pedals (point the toes down at the bottom of the stroke) for better control. There is a temptation to ride flat footed when learning and that makes the riding more difficult. Ankling the pedals will smooth out the pedaling and give you more control.

I was about to give the opposite advice :). I think a hard tyre makes the UW twist too easily. Tyre pressure is easily changed, so it’s easy to figure out what works for you.

Also. Try riding with slightly bent knees while keeping a bit of tension in all the leg muscles. It helps stabilize things and keeps the pedal strokes controlled on the up stroke as well. It should be your legs and the pressure you put on the pedals that decide the angle of the wheel, not the other way around.
Unfortunately it makes your legs cramp up too if you do it too much, but it gets much easier with practice when your body figures out which muscles it can relax without loosing control.

I prefer firm tyre pressure but I’m a long way from being good at it. Finding a slight downhill slope makes it a little easier too.

Do you have a disk or cranked UW? If the former then UW is, IMO, much easier than SIF, so I wouldn’t worry too much about learning SIF first. If the latter then you should get the former, it’s much easier to learn on.

well its not cranked, but its not necessaraly a disked one, but i guess it would be, heres a pic, its not all flanged out like the ones w/ spokes


That’s a disk style UW.

I have the same UW and also a Bedford aluminum UW. The UDC UW has 150mm spaced pedals and the Bedford has 125mm spaced pedals. Both are 24" wheels. I find the UDC UW easier to ride due to the longer crank length.

The tire on the UDC UW is a little bit more grabby than the one on the Bedford. Bedford specs a better tire for his UW.