ultimate wheel help :-)

hi its me again,
does any one have any tips on riding a uw?
i just took off my dads torker wheel and tried it as an uw.i have had a lot of seat in front time but the uw is 10 times harder.i can get 3-5 pedals per try.i where leg armor and have a problem of the wheel and leg binding.should i buy a uw with pedals closer in?


Hi Evan,

A regular UW would be easier to ride in my experiance. Also, I think that smaller wheels are harder to ride than larger ones.

I was riding my 26x3 muni wheel as an ultimate wheel yesterday because my regular UW is loaned out. The muni wheel is harder to ride since the pedals are further apart; allowing the wheel to wobble more.

good luck… Joe

If you don’t have a regular UW, you might want to leave the frame on and work on seat drag instead. Depending on what size and model Torker wheel you are using, you might want to consider waiting until you can buy a regular UW, because seat drag and ultimate wheeling are both very stressful on the weak rims of some of the cheaper models. Seat drag is a lot of fun, provided you don’t fall on the wheel and bend the rim or cause a spoke to pop out. (I have done both)

any tips on what one to get?

no buget

Just use your trials uni. I learned ultimate wheel in 5 minutes on my Onza trials uni which has the most q-factor on the market. Practice seat drag on your nimbus, and once you have that down ultimate wheel will be easy.

I learned on an old uni before i cuold seat drag(in fact,i learned to seat drag long after the uw)and i still dont have a real uw.I never wore leg armour :roll_eyes:
,you can put “silicone” on the tire,or some kinda slippery stuff.

Like everything,just keep practicing,youl get it eventouly.

A simple solution for the rubber tire binding on your legs – cover the sides of the tire with strips of slick duct tape.

Simply riding an UW is not so hard. A couple hour sessions is enough for most folks. Getting it really mastered, where the wheel runs true between your legs, is an altogether different achievement. It’s really strenuous on the legs over a long distance, but someone on this list (Peck??) is supposedly able to ride an UW in parades, with no breaks, which blows my mind. My quads are torched in a block.


some tips:

  1. Sand the tread off the sides of the tires.
  2. put vertical tabs on the end of each pedal to prevent foot slippage
  3. wear leg protection.
  4. use a shoe or boot with a heel. keeping your feet on a UW is much harder than a regular cycle

PS- im not sure if my dad ever rode in parades, but on pavement im sure we could both ride at least a mile before taking a break.

the wheel sort of centers itself after a while. it’s neat.

I’ve started working on my UW skills again, using the regular unicycle wheel type of UW. I think I’m doing ok, but I still have a couple of questions.

Is seat drag much easier than UW?
In the past seat drag practice have cost me broken seat posts when I fell on top of the uni, so I’d rather learn UW first and then seat drag. That is, unless it is much harder that way.

How does one put a vertical tab on the end of a pedal?
I could probably figure something out, but if there’s a well tested way to do it, I might as well do it the same way.

How long does it take before the wheel centers itself?
Right now I rarely go more than 1½ revolutions without the tire rubbing against my leg.

i heard somewhere that a plain uni wheel with the frame taken off was pawned the “Incredible wheel…”

Great advice from Kris Peck. I would add something the Pecks might not think of, because they like to ride rough terrain:

Shorter cranks.

I’m not an expert on ultimate wheeling, but I’m pretty sure shorter cranks will help you get the thing rolling better.

And when the going gets tough, remember George and Kristopher Peck do it with long cranks on snow, ice, mud, rocks, etc.

And don’t forget to use the search. Things like “how to ride an UW” must have been covered many times before.

The search feature is great. That’s how i found Kristophers post. There are a number of threads about ultimate wheels, but this was one of the rare occations where I didn’t find my answers there.