Ultimate wheel expertise needed.

OK Got some questions about making An UW
1.First of all what size is best to learn/ride on
2.What should pedal position (how far apart), and what type of pedals should they be (plastic, bmx type, ect.)
3.What kind of Rim (aluminum) do you recommend using
4.what kind of Tire

I plan on buying a rim/tire and some aluminum flatbar and welding it inside the rim in some sort of a star patern like the Nimbus ones on UDC

thanks much

I have two ultimate wheels. Both 24" wheels. One has 125mm crank spacing and the other has 150mm crank spacing. I find the one with 150mm crank spacing to be easier to ride.

Maybe you can figure out a design where you could have pedal holes drilled at both 125mm and 150mm. That will allow you to experiment and decide which length you like better.

Larger wheels are generally easier. I have ridden 24", 26", and 28" ultimate wheels. I can’t manage the 20" (but have only tried a few times). They get easier to control as they get bigger.

I have absolutely no expertise, but I do have a lot at getting hit with cranks while attempting to seat drag…you’ll get real good at SIF and seat drag! I’ve heard(I think) that UW’s are the bigger, the easier! You might also want this thing(s).

Drilling and tapping two holes is an awsome idea. It should be easy enough to do. What i really need to know is what sort of tire should i go for, like a wider one or a road bike type tyre. And for size im thinking 26 because of rim selection.

The important part about the tire is that the sidewall is smooth. No tread extending down or even sticking out on the side. Those kinds of tires are difficult to find. The tires UDC has on their ultimate wheels are OK. I have seen some balloon style whitewall cruiser tires that are good for ultimate wheels. You’ll have to look around. If the tire has raised lettering on the sidewall you might even want to sand the raised lettering down.

Then spray the side of the tire with silicone spray lubricant. It comes in an aerosol can and you can get it at auto parts stores.

I think I’ll go to my LBS, the owner is very helpfull and can probly make a suggestion.
thanks for your help john

hmm, I’ve been wondering about UW’s too, for tires, could you simply sand down the sidewall?

Ask Darren Bedford. He has some good UW tires.

Bigger wheels are easier to learn on.

I found the best combo to be a wide rim and a narrow tyre. Going for 26" gives you a big choice of rims and tyres; far more than 24". 27" or 700c are good options, too.

The stickiness of the sides of the tyre makes a big difference. As you are learning you will rub a lot. Go for a hard tyre rather than a grippy soft one. If you can find an amber wall rather than a black wall then they tend to be smoother.

Some people apply furniture polish or silicon spray to the sides to aid slippiness. I’ve not foud this needded if you choose thr right tyre but it might help.

talk to keven (mawesome) mal( onebyone) and brian mckenzie ( brian mckenzie) i think he made one similar to mals or mal made on simalar to his

and by a similar one he means one made using a 36" rim.

i know nothing about ultimate wheels (including how to ride them) so i cant be of much help. sorry!

The bigger they are, the easier it is to ride. A 36"er; you’ll have to make it yourself, but it’ll be really cool when you own one. Mal (Onebyone) copied the design off Brian Mckenzie’s one in -insert video name here-.

you can make a “cranky” uw by taking the frame off a wheel (i suggest 26"-29") but they’re kind of different to regular UW’s.

That’s all i can help with. Hope it helps.

The more grip the better, and bear trap style pedals will bend when the wheel falls over and you land on top of it.

  1. In case you are an adult of an average size 24" because it’s equal to a footstep. However if you’re riding a regular unicycle of another size already (e.q. 20" or 26") then that size would be easier for you to start with.

2.What should pedal position (how far apart), and what type of pedals should they be (plastic, bmx type, ect.)
You can make a couple of different length positions on the same wheel. Myself I would take the cranck-length of your unicycle that you use the most.

Yes, I prefer those plastic pedals with a kind of bed.
Maybe these (a product I’ve never used myself).

3.What kind of Rim (aluminum) do you recommend using:
Any common rim will do. And other metals than alu will be fine as well.

4.what kind of Tire:
One with as less profile, especially on the sides.
During your learning stage the profile will eat your legs.
So the Primo “Comet” will be a nice one!

1.First of all aveage size should have a 24" but i did learn on a 20" & it wanted to pivot at your ankles so i reccomend 24"
2.i am not sure on this and i rather grippy plastic pedal http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=216
3.i would reccomend a aluminum but any would work
4.about 1-1.5" wide & a very smooth side wall http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=288

hookworm tyre good for this typr of thing?

I don’t think so. I don’t have a hookworm tire to check, but I’m pretty sure the tread wraps around to the sides too much.

Use a 700 cc or even a 36" rim.

“Training Wheel not Required”

As in “Wheel of Justice”

A good idea.

:astonished: An absolute steal for magnesium pedals (less weight=less wheel flop). Too bad I’m broke:( .

I have. They have really kept my new pedals and riding surfaces from getting dinged up.

I agree.

what Is a good overall size then? 24"?