Ultimate Wheel Cranks

I have both kinds of UW and the UW with cranks is harder to learn, but does anyone know if there are any real advantages to having cranks. George Peck had cranks on all of his and I’ve seen him ride in Seward through some pretty rugged stuff.

I’d assumed GP was just using the wheel out of his muni, to be honest. Presumably the wheel might have been higher quality / lighter / stronger as a result, too.

I think he did just use the wheel of his uni, but i wonder if it helps when your on rugged stuff to have cranks.

Me too. I thought he did it out of convinience, nothing to buy/build. The added Q-factor makes it wable more and hence harder to ride. GP seems to like to ride extremely challenging conditions w/o much risk, so I was thinking this was intentional w/ his UW setup.

On a uni more Q-factor increases control at slow speeds. W/o a frame though I think this would have more negetives than positives on a UW.

There was a thread about this a few years ago that concluded, IIRC, that it’s easier to learn with no cranks, but once you get good it becomes easier with cranks. I can’t remember the reasons for it being easier with cranks, and I’ve never put in the effort to get that good.

I CBA to search for the thread, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it if you look hard enough.