Ultimate Wheel Crank Length

Can anybody tell me a good crank size for an ultimate wheel?

I would think that smaller would be better, as your input would have less effect on the wheel, hopefully reducing wobble, but having a longer length means more control, and many comercial producers make them with long crank lengths.

I am using a 24" rim, and I am making one with plywood disk in the center, so I could make the crank length any size I like.

i put mine 5" from the outer diameter of the rim, and that seems to work well

What is a good crank size for a 26 " rim


Just to let you know…
considering that you’re making a six spoke ultimate wheel… you can let it have 3 different cranck sizes.

I built my 26er with 125mm and it works pretty well.

16 years later

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My 29er is is set at 115mm and my 36er is is set at 110mm. And the custom modified wheel shields totally prevent legs rubbing against tire! .

Are the cutouts meant to provide places to grip the wheel so that you can hop?

I would think it’s to allow cross winds to pass through. Apart from the cutouts to help pump up the tyre.

Almost certainly helps with weight reduction too. A plywood ultimate wheel is heavy, even at much smaller wheel sizes.

Mostly for weight reduction. I chose to make the plywood disc 1/2 inch thick rather than the more common 3/4 inch, so it’s way lighter, but sufficiently strong with no stability issues. Rides smooth and true.

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