ultimate wheel construction

I already have the plywood disc inside the rim and screwed in place, but I have a question. If I dont want to buy the mounts for the pedals off of unicycle.com, is there anything else commercially availible that would work for this? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

cut the ends off of cranks

thanks. any other suggestions?

both UW’s I have (had made) have both used cut off tips of cranks.

I found this to be the ideal method for me, as they are proven pedal holders.

In a homemade project, without using ‘real’ UW pedal holders that Uni.com is offering, I’d be willing to bet that that’s your best option.

If you don’t have any spare unicycle cranks, I bet a bike store would throw a handful of used cranks at you if you told them what you wanted to do with them.

Although, from my ecperience, alluminum pedal holders and UW’s don’t mix. Due to my own mistake (I mislabelled the sides of my first purchased alloy UW) riding the alloy one backwards (right to left) had the threads destroyed in 20 mins.

Whatever you use to hold the pedals, make sure they are steel

thanks. I know just the place to get used cranks. how would I attach them though?

spickydoo made one like you out of wood, and used cranks, email him

garyfishernut at hotmail dot com

Hey sofa,
Do you have any pics of how the pedals attach to your UW? I want to see how those old cranks are connected to the wheel.

Look here http://members.tripod.com/~igfs/myownuw.HTM

Get some old cranks from a bike shop, cut off the ends and then get a friendly welder to weld them to a bit of metal plate. I’ve made loads of UWs like this. You need quite a thick bit of plate. A steel supplier will have loads of offcuts. It’ll probably be free if you don’t mind the shape.