ultimate wheel/bc wheel

this might need a patent?

while i wan rideing my bc wheel i can up to a hill and thought it would be so nice if i could get up it on the bc.hence forth came the idea to create a bc/ultimate wheel.

it is kind of hard to desribe over righting but here is the desin.
it is kind of like the hub on swats coster uni.there would be a rim and a free spining disk in side it but with a ratchet in side so you could pedal it and stop and coast.

does that make any sence?

i will try to draw it and post a pic of the drawing

i am trying to build one but it is REALLY HARD!

any tips?has this been thought/built?

Um…our coaster uni already does that. You can pedal it, and then stop pedaling it, then coast, and then pedal again, etc.

I know from experience that the coaster uni can be pedaled uphill with little problems after you get the hang of it.

But you’re talking about it not having a frame? Well, I could try that out on the coaster, but I think it would take me a very long time to get the hang of it…if I ever do.

Like a freewheel UW? That would be pretty hard to ride, methinks…
Someone in the forums once came up with an idea that would work pretty well:
Have a place to screw the pedals in to the Ultimate Wheel to ride it normally, but then also have a place in the exact center of the wheel to screw them in to. Then you can ride it as a BC wheel when they’re in the center.
But you wouldn’t be able to ride it as an UW then transition right into a BC.

i am building one now and i will post pics as it progreses

i hope to have it finished by oh say… thanks giving


great idea id like to see the pics!

i know i get really anowing on my sales pitches, but would any one want one if i built one?


I like your style. Always trying to make a buck. Just a word of advice. You should wait a little longer between your posts. The forums don’t move that fast and people are getting annoyed. Keep up the good work. You start making full uni’s and you might have a career some day.


You waited 24 minutes… what are you on? And no I wouldn’t like one until you prove you can make one and sell it for a reasonable price.

somebody makes me one and ill ride it! according to swat and other riders i catch on to things fast and within a little while id prolly be riding it. one thing to mention tho is the coaster uni was coastable with the pedals level with the center of the wheel because i had the seat to keep the wheel steady so if you take that out to make a bc wheel then the wheel is going to rub on your legs alot more than a bc wheel because unlike the bc wheel where your feet are lower then the center of the wheel keeping it steady, they will be level with the middle so keeping the wheel upright will be difficult. not that that is going to slow us down:p

Re: ultimate wheel/bc wheel

total uni, here’s a mixed message for you.

I for one don’t like your multitude of sales pitches very much. I feel
they are too aggressive.

But I have to commend you on your inventiveness. Even if this
particular thing (and the BC wheels you posted about in other threads)
sort-of have been thought of before, I think you are on the right
track to becoming a serious builder, especially considering your age.
So keep at it!

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