Ultimate wheel and distance / fun?

Hey, i am thinking of getting myself the nimbus 28" ultimate wheel. What is the kind of distance you can go on one of these things? what kind of pads do i need and will i not need the pads once i get good or do the legs always rub? is this the best big wheeled ultimate i can buy? (i want the 36" sized one but i dunno how to get or make one so yeah, anybody?)

would you reccomend me spend the 280 to get it?


Although I have absolutely no experience here, I would just get a coker. A coker ultimate wheel might badly rip your crotch and cause serious burns. I think for long rides, your body would get pretty tired, because you can’t rest.

i think i will make a 36" ultimate.

i’ve looked back over the countless threads about them, and im not sure what they do to keep the pedals in. do they weld an old crank to the frame structure in the wheel, or do they tap a hole into a thick bit of metal?

WOW, there’s a 36" ultimate. Man i thought they only go upto 28", I wonder how it would look apart from being preety big. I wonder what the design of the wheel looks like. Man i need to do my research hahahaha :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

she looks a lot like this

i am gunna make one, but i dont want that square pattern with the steel tubing for inside the wheel, any suggestions on how i could make it cool?


If you are making an ultimate wheel with a wooden inner, you can use those.

But for the metal ones, you use a tap. There was someone on here who made one not long ago and had some good picture of the pedal threads. Found it.

There is also one way to put the cranks on the inside of the wheel, so the cranks are on the hub, on the inside. As seen here.

There’s a lot about UWs on that page too, so it should be helpful for a lot of other UW stuff.

Whoa that’s look intense. Can you buy these in Oz or do you have to ship them from overseas, also if i put white cardboard where the gaps are. Could i play tic tac toe with my friends hahahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

i’ve seen all those before and they are some great links jerrick, i applaud you

i believe i’ll get some cheap steel cranks and weld the top of the crank to the frame somewhere.

is the inside of a standard steel coker rim fsat or kind of like a V shape so its hard to weld the frame to?

you cant buy them, you build them yourself

Let me check on my rim.

EDIT: On the steel coker rim, it is relatively flat, but it does have a slight curve on it.

untitled.bmp (114 KB)

why thankyou.

So does that mean if someone bought this
they could make an ultimate wheel out of it. That would be preety good 2 see. But you i guess it would be hard to ride it. hahaha :smiley: :smiley:


shouldnt be too hard to weld to

hey iridemyuni. A cool design will be this. A spiral with the lines between them to hold it stable


that would take alot of work and tons of metal though.

I think a square or star pattern is probably good. anything without curvy lines.

there is no need to use any more metal than the design i came up with (tic-tac-toe board) the frame has been completely solid for years, and the rim can only bend out between each steel ‘spoke’. It will never get more warped than the slight amount the frame design already allows for, and a 36"UW doesn’t need a straight rim.

I rode my 36" UW ALOT for trials and muni, and can be seen in TWNR

There is no other UW that you would have more fun with (just like unicycle wheels)

JustOneWheel built a great design using alluminum and an airfoil rim

Yep that was me
the tread is here
I made it out of a 700c wheel and some square tubing.
the pedal brackets are actualy some old cannabalized mtb pedals.
As of this point I can only get like about 200-300 feet on it.
Comfort may improve as my skill does but as of this point I shudder to think of riding any sort of distance on it.

while an aluminium ones sounds fantastic i’ll stick with the steel ones. i cant weld aluminium and thats expensive.

i’ll use the tic tac toe design it seems to be really good.

so do i get some steel cranks and weld the steel cranks onto the frame, or do i weld a chunk of steel on then tap it? any reccomendations?

im worried i wont get the thread on straight so the pedal wont be straight with the frame.


I wonder if it’s possible to make it out of magnesium. I’ve heard they’re more durable, stronger and lighter then aluminium. But the one thing that puzzles me is. Will it be more expensive to make?? :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

No. Magnesium is lighter, but aluminium is stronger and more durable.