Ultimate Wheel 55"

Rider:Dmitrij Bibichkov

Сreator of wheel:Andrej Ishhenko


That’s impressive. Very cool to watch. I’d like to see more videos of that wheel.

The year of Ultimate Wheel commuting is on us :smiley:

Seriously though that’s an amazing machine. Looks pretty speedy but not sure I’d trust myself to ride it in that slushy snow!

Really cool :slight_smile:

I did not need more future unicycle related projects… but that does look really cool.


The rider seems initially more phased by the slow rhythm of such a big wheel than the two point contact UW aspect.

Though it sure looks close to three points… and just about with ball-bearings ;).

The YouTube comment about a accessory seat on rollers is interesting. It would essentially become a frameless unicycle.

Definitely. It is in the same order of magnitude of practicality as commuting on a unicycle. :wink:

I think technically it would be hubless as well. There is certainly no need for any material central to the pedals.

That would make it the first fundamental original innovation in unicycles since the Standard Bicycle was ridden on one wheel.

One step closer to the ultimate pizza delivery service vehicle.